Today is pie cherry day 8/2 forecast

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 August 2, 2009

Good morning everyone!

There’s just enough breeze to keep cool this morning, so head to the Expo Center parking for the CGWA swap meet form 8 til noon. CGWA keeps your beaches open, so if you’re not a member, join while you’re at the swap.

If this is the early morning report, you still have a chance to join the Hood River Tri club for their stealthy swim from the east end of the Hood River Inn Beach to the red bouy in the middle of the Columbia and under the Bridge. So much for stealth, right?

Now, just a quick explanatory note. If I say it’s going to blow 22-24, I’m talking average windspeeds… you know, the reading you see at iWindsurf or You might see gusts into the 30s. You might see gusts into the 40s. I’m not going to guess at the actual wind range (unless I’m going to tell you that it’s going to be gusty and miserable). I’m just telling you the peak average windspeed so you can make your call. (There was a little confusion over this yesterday)

If you’re waiting for wind, you’ll get it today. The light start with the 09 gradient gives way to upper teens by midday, building to 22-24 by afternoon. Best wind will be from Stevenson down to Mosier..

An upper low of the California coast slides closer to Oregon tomorrow (hopefully, but possibly not), sending more marine clouds to the coast and increasing the chance of thunderstorms. The marine deck will start us off with 17-20 tomorrow, and the resulting thermal gradient gives us 22-25 tomorrow afternoon in the corridor. At this point, Tuesday looks like a carbon copy of Monday.

It looks like the heatwave will finally break, resulting in a big day (again, hopefully), sometime Wednesday or Thursday. Cross your fingers. I am ready for a big day, and I bet most of you windsurfers are too (you kiters have probably been having a fabulous time the last 10 days!)

Do keep an eye out for building thunderstorms over the next few day. Those building cumulus clouds will affect wind quality and winds strength.

Now, here’s an early heads up for a free bike maintenance clinic. Mountain View cycles Maintenance Festivus happens Tuesday at 6:30pm. Give the shop a call to sign up.

Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!


  1. Stephen Schneider |

    I should add, lest you have seen this show, that you bear no resemblence whatsoever to that comic character, except for your “I want my cherry pie” thing.

  2. Stephen Schneider |

    Your “I want my cherry pie” thing reminds me of a comedy talk celebrity interview show that used to be on air starry Martin Short under the name “jiminy something) He played all the main characters, one of whom was a lady in the audience who kept interrupting with the phrase “I want my pudding” and “Where’s my pudding”.