Thursday: Strong wind today, less wind the next couple of days.

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 May 17, 2018

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Today’s Gorge Wind – these are ranges for the average speed, not a predicted wind range. =)
Your favorite beach Dawn
Rooster Rock drizzle on your buns
Steven’s Locks 10-13 13-16 24-28 24-28
Hatchery/Wunderbar G 24-28 G 24-28 28-33 26-30
Doug’s, Lyle, Rowena 16-19 19-25 30-35 30-35
Rufus, etc. strong current 30-35 30-35
Roosevelt, etc. 10-13 13-16 16-22 24-28

Gorge Wind Forecast

Strong west wind continues today. For the next couple of days, low pressure over the area will knock the wind down several notches. Long-range models disagree on details, but it appears we’ll see moderate to strong westerlies starting again on Sunday.

For Thursday, we have a 1028mb ridge off the coast. That will combine with a desert heat low and a nice solid marine layer for strong west wind today. Details: morning gradients of .16 (pdx-dls) and .08 (dls-psc), river temp 54 degrees. Flow: 513kcfs, way, way too much for the Rufus stretch. Watch out for logs, trees, and other object in the water, and keep an eye on your fellow athletes.

The wind will be a bit up and down until the clouds burn back. For the early morning, expect 5-10 in the far west, gusty 24-28 from Viento to Mosier, and 13-17 farther east. By noon, we should have 28-33 from Viento to Doug’s, possibly Rufus, but that stretch of river has WAY too much water to be safe. Stevenson’s a bit tricky, but considering the fact that it did get windy despite the clouds yesterday, let’s call it gusty 24-28 there by early afternoon. The far eastern Gorge will probably peak at 24-28 this afternoon.

Low pressure over the area on Friday and Saturday knocks the wind down. Friday starts with 17-21 from Stevenson to the Dalles and 10-13 east of The Dalles. The GFS suggests the wind will die off to 12-15 during the day, but a persistence forecast suggests we’ll stay with upper teens. Let’s go with upper teens under overcast sky, based solely on gut instinct. Saturday starts with 7-11 and picks up to 12-15 under overcast sky in the morning and clear sky in the afternoon. Saturday’s wind will only be found from Stevenson to Hood River. Sunday currently has a forecast of 24-28 from Swell to The Dalles. Remember that there’s a swap at Windance on Sunday morning.

Random Morning Thoughts

I started writing a reflection this morning and realized I didn’t know the way out of the self-inflicted suffering I am experiencing. This happens to all of us sometimes – we create suffering in our mind, we know it’s our own fault, and for some reason we can’t give up on it. My personal theory is that this is often related to grief.

Society tells us that grief is a big thing, that it’s related to death and job loss and illness. But grief can be much smaller; it can arise from the daily choices we make to go down one path instead of another. Not recognizing these little losses can keep us trapped in frustration and regret.

I’m not suggesting we wallow in sadness. Not by any means. I’m just suggesting taking a direct look at regret and frustration and seeing if there’s a need for a few tears before peace returns. May you be happy. Have an awesome day.

Disclaimer required by my grad school program: I am not your therapist, but I am seeing clients at this time at Comprehensive Healthcare in White Salmon. In the meantime, I am your weather forecaster. Take everything I say with a grain of salt, and consult with your actual therapist about your mental health issues. One other thing: I plan to keep doing this forecast indefinitely. Forecasting and counseling are both deeply meaningful and nourishing to me.

Mt. Hood Mountain Weather Forecast

Thursday will be sunny. FAF 10,000′-12,000′. NW wind at 20 in the morning fades to NW 10 overnight. Friday looks clear to start and then clouds. FAF: 10,000′. NW wind at 10mph all day and night. Saturday starts cloudy and turns clear. FAF: 10,000′. Wind NW 10 early, NW 5 afternoon, SW 15 overnight. Sunday starts partly cloudy and becomes high overcast. FAF 10,000′-11,000′. SW wind at 15 gives way to light and variable wind.

Gorge Weather Forecast

Partly cloudy sky this morning gives way to sunshine this afternoon. Temps will be in the mid 50’s early and low 70’s later. Strong westerlies. No rainbows. Friday starts with low cloud and then picks up some high clouds. Temps will be near 50 early and in the low 70’s in the afternoon. Light to moderate westerlies. No rainbows. Saturday starts with mid and high clouds and then turns clear. Temps will be near 50 early and in the mid 70’s later. Light westerlies. No rainbows.

For weather specifically directed at travel through the Gorge, please visit Temira’s Awesome Travel Advisory Service on Facebook.

White Sprinter Van of the Week

Click here for the White Sprinter Van map of the world!!!

Road and Mountain Biking

The 44 Trails Association is reporting that Knebal, Eightmile and Bottle Prairie are open. Surveyor’s still has trees down. Lake Branch Road is mostly melted out with a couple of 2-4 minute snowy walks. Other than that, it’s open. Vista Ridge is open. Enjoy your three summits! There are free Devinci bike demos at Dirty Fingers today – 1pm to 7pm.

The Cascadia Dirt Cup is in Post Canyon Saturday, so you’ll want to make other plans. If you volunteer as race support, you’ll be helping the HRATS earn some cash. Hood River County has a work party on the Pinemont Loop next Saturday.

Upcoming Events

Today’s events start with free meditation at Trinity Natural medicine and free yoga at Hood River’s Flow at 8. There’s $5 Tai Chi at 2:30 at the Hood River Adult Center. At 5 tonight, there’s a women’s mountain bike ride leaving Mountain View Cycles. The race-pace Post N’ Pint ride, getting you a free pint of beer when you’re done, leaves Dirty Fingers at 5:30. Free yoga is at 6 tonight at Samadhi in White Salmon, Mid-Valley Elementary has Zumba at 6:30, and there’s free Tai Chi at Our Savior Church in Bingen at 6:30.

On Saturday, Hood River County has a trail work party meeting at Pinemont Staging Area at 9. The Cascadia dirt Cup mountain bike race is all day in Post Canyon, there’s a plant sale in White Salmon starting at 8, and there’s a plant swap at Rockford Grange in Hood River starting at 2 on Saturday.

Click here for the full events calendar.

Have an awesome day today!