Thursday. Huckfest at Rufus. Rain on some bike trails. And rainbows.

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 June 26, 2014

…Random Morning Thoughts…

There was a lot of s**t hitting my fan over the last three months. And because of that, my sense of humor went on vacation. I don’t recommend letting it do that. Anyway, I noticed last week that it was back, due to a few visitations by TeMIra. So I did a humor check last night. When things are going well, DYAC is hilarious. When they aren’t, it’s not. At least, that’s how things work in my universe. So, today I offer you the opportunity to check in with your sense of humor with Damn You AutoCorrect. Enjoy. May you have tears running down your face at the end.



Today’s Gorge Wind – these are ranges for the average speed, not a predicted wind range. =)
Your favorite beach Dawn
Rooster’s Rocks wet day for
at the
Steven’s Locks light gusty
Hatchery (minus a few for Hood River) gusty
Doug’s, etc. depends on clouds
24-28 26-30+
Rufus, etc. 10-13 13-15 26-30+ 26-30+
Roosevelt, etc. 10-13 13-15 26-30 26-30+


…Gorge Wind…

Today is the Hood River Huckfest, happening at Rufus. Keep that in mind for your spectating and competing and kiteboarding needs. Models suggest this is a good day for that event, despite the lackluster wind this morning. As the weather system causing all these clouds moves through,probably just after noon, the wind will climb to 26-30 from Lyle to Rufus, with periods of 30-35 possible.

Actually, Lyle/Rowena/Doug’s are big maybes, depending on where the low clouds ends up. Avery, Celilo, Maryhill, and far east beaches are more sure bets. Arlington will see a little less wind, and the western beaches will see gusty 15-18. With rainbows, which makes up for the lighter wind.

Anyway, if that forecast proves correct, you’ll want to be at Rufus today to watch people boosting huge (50 feet or more) airs.

Tomorrow starts off light, probably in the 10-13 range, with an approaching weather system dropping the wind to nothing midday and causing it to pick up to gusty 17-21 late in the afternoon through the whole Gorge. Gusty 21-24 is possible late in the day.

Saturday also starts off light, with 10-13 or less early. As high pressure starts building off the coas from the south, we’ll see 17-21 in the western Gorge. Sunday looks similar to Saturday, possibly a bit windier.

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Advertising Worth Reading

The Mt. Adams Country Bike Tour is this Saturday. Just to make sure it was still one of the awesomest bike rides on the planet, I rode all of it over the weekend. Yep. Still awesome. And still a great thing to do on Saturday. Good food, great support (and you’ll want support on those remote, car-free roads). The ride benefits local charities such as the Trout Lake, BZ and Glenwood Fire Emergency Services, the Trout Lake Grange and School Projects. You can choose from the 11.5 mile Family Fun Ride, the 51 Mile Glenwood Loop or the 54 Mile Forest Loop. Or go big with the 105 Mile Infinity Ride. Sign up now and put “bicycling Trout Lake is bliss” in your comment box, and get a free copy of Bicycling Bliss. First 10 people win the books.

…Gorge Weather…

With high clouds over the Gorge yesterday, it was a very disappointing day in the rainbow department. This morning looks similar, but as the upper trough causing these clouds moves east after noon, we’ll likely see sunbreaks and increasing showers, for a higher chance of rainbows. Call it a 74% chance of both. Temps will be in the low 60’s this morning and upper 60’s this afternoon with high humidity and increasing west wind. It’s muggy, people. Muggy.

Tomorrow starts partly cloudy with showers – 87% chance of rainbows, and shower/rainbow chances continue all day as a cold front swings through. Expect temps in the mid 50’s early and upper 60’s in the afternoon with moderate westerlies.

Saturday looks partly cloudy with a chance of a few showers early – 11% rainbows/showers. Expect the sky to become mostly clear in the afternoon. Temps will be in the mid 50’s early and upper 60’s in the afternoon.

Please send your “rainbow of the day” photos to

…Road and Mountain Biking…

It sure looked like it was raining on the 44 Road trails yesterday, judging by the radar image. But then again, it sure looked like it was raining in Hood River, and it didn’t do much at my house. So… someone go check out the dirt for us. Latest report from Gunsight is two weeks old, and that report says it was still snow-covered back then.

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…River Levels…

The White Salmon is at 2.9′. The Klickitat is at 1290cfs. The John Day dam is putting out 197-261kcfs and The Dalles dam is reading 212kcfs. Columbia river temp is 61 degrees at The Dalles Dam.

…Events – email me if I’ve missed any outdoor-related events…

It’s Thursday, and that means tonight is the Post n’ Pint fast-paced mountain bike ride that leaves Dirty Fingers at 5:30. Finish the ride and they’ll give you a pint of beer. Also tonight, there’s a women’s road bike ride that leaves The Dalles City Cyclery at 5:30. It’s unknown if there’s beer involved in that ride.

Today’s a big day out in the Maryhill area. The Maryhill Loops Road is hosting the Festival of Speed downhill skateboarding event today through Sunday. And if you’re headed out there to watch that event today, swing by Rufus, because it looks like today is the Hood River Huckfest, a big air kiteboarding event. If you want to see kiteboarders jumping 50 or more feet in the air, definitely be at Rufus this afternoon.

Of course, this weekend is Windfest, with free demos, free beginner windsurfing lessons, and free clinics with the “pros”. The Dimwits have a family-friendly mountain bike campout at the EasyCLIMB on Saturday night, the Mt. Adams Country Bike Tour is Saturday and the Ski Hours of Skibowl XC mtb race is Sunday.

Finally, don’t forget that you can watch all the world cup games at Skylight Theatre on the big screen, including this morning’s USA game, so get on down there and cheer your team on, whatever team that is!

Have an awesome day today!