Thursday. 6/5. Gorge wind. A bazillion Gorge events. And useless weather models.

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 June 5, 2014

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Random cool advertising: The Mt. Adams Country Bicycle Tour

Hey all, I know you like to ride bikes. June 28th is the Mt. Adams Country Bicycle Tour, benefiting local charities such as the Trout Lake, BZ and Glenwood Fire Emergency Services, the Trout Lake Grange and School Projects. You can choose from the 11.5 mile Family Fun Ride, the 51 Mile Glenwood Loop or the 54 Mile [super-rad] Forest Loop. Or go big with the 105 Mile Infinity Ride. These are two of my favorite loops in the Gorge, and doing them supported is a great way to go. Sign up now.

Random Morning Thoughts

I just want to say that I am truly touched that so many people have signed up to feed both the Klee Family and the guys at Dirty Fingers. Wow. What an amazing community we live in. I was over at Jen’s house last night, and there were 10 or 15 people just hanging out, keeping her company. There was laughter and an incredible sense of community. And plenty of food for everyone. Thank you all for your kindness and generosity!

Today’s Gorge Wind
Your favorite beach Dawn
Rooster’s Rocks light 5-10 5-10 5-10
Steven’s Locks 16-19 19-23 19-23 19-23
Hatchery (minus a few for Hood River) 19-23 19-23 19-23 19-23
Doug’s, etc. 13-16 16-19 20-23 20-23
Rufus, etc. 5-10 10-14 14-19 19-23
Roosevelt, etc. 5-10 10-14 10-14 14-19

Gorge Wind

Well, as predicted, the models are totally and 100% not helpful for today. Last night they were calling for zero wind today. Now they’re calling for wind this morning, but none this afternoon. Models, I toss you in the garbage. Expect westerlies at 19-23 today from Stevenson to Hood River in the morning and at 19-23 from Stevenson to Doug’s this afternoon. A weak disturbance in the Force this afternoon may make the wind gusty and unreliable everywhere except at Stevenson.

Tomorrow looks very similar to today, minus the disturbance in the Force. Saturday looks windier, with 16-19 early and 24-28 late, strongest near Hood River in the morning and Doug’s/Maryhill in the afternoon.

The wind backs off a little on Sunday, but it will still be windy. If the long range models are correct, Monday and/or Tuesday will be nuking. I will now attempt to clear my schedule for those two days.

Gorge Weather

No rainbows. No thunderstorms. Just perfect weather: temps in the low to mid 50’s early and mid 70’s in the afternoon with moderate west wind.

Road and Mountain Biking

Road bikers, please join the Save Vista Ridge Facebook group. And please invite anyone and everyone who ride bikes or motorcycles or drives a car on that road. The USFS has plans to rip out the pavement next summer, and that will destroy road biking in the upper Hood River Valley.

The Clymb: free membership. Cheap gear. Temira approves. Click to join.

River Levels

The White Salmon is at 3.5′. The Hood is at 4.0′ (done for the summer), the Klickitat’s at 1880cfs, and the Columbia is at 335kcfs at John Day. The Dalles Dam is reading 341kcfs.

Events – email me if I’ve missed any outdoor-related events

Tonight is the ribbon cutting ceremony and opening party for the new 2nd Wind store, located at 2nd and State. 2nd on 2nd. I like it! Also tonight, there’s pickup rugby at 3:30 at Henkle Middle School, there’s a shuttle for the Post n’ Pint (no more spots available), and there’s a women’s road bike ride leaving The Dalles City Cyclery at 5:30pm. All paces. No drop.

Tomorrow night is registration for the Gorge Groms windsurfing program from 4-6 at the Hook. Come get your kids signed up. $100 for the summer gets your kids access to kid-specific windsurfing gear.

Coming up this weekend, Post Canyon hosts the Oregon Enduro race, so you may want to ride elsewhere between now and Sunday. Saturday is National Trails Day. Contact your local ranger station to see what they have planned. NWTA has a Sandy Ridge shuttle day on Saturday. All proceeds benefit the Sandy Ridge trail system. Saturday is the Portland World Naked Bike Ride. Sunday is the Gorgeous Gals Ride in The Dalles, benefit Haven, working to prevent domestic violence.

There is a Gorge Groms work party on Saturday morning from 10am to 1pm. They’re doing sail rigging, board repair, shed cleaning/organizing, and building a rigging deck. Bring board repair materials and wood working tools to build a simple plywood deck.
If you would like to say goodbye to Matt Klee, his memorial service is at the Gorge Room at the Hood River Inn at 5pm on Saturday. Jen Klee has asked that people make donations to the Hood River Area Trail Stewards in lieu of sending flowers.

Have an awesome day today!