Thursday, 1/28 Forecast

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 January 28, 2010

Good morning,

It’s been a little slow on the weather front for the last couple of days, other than the big snow day on Monday. That doesn’t make for an interesting forecast email, but since the weekend is coming up, here you are:

Conditions on Mt. Hood are quite nice right now, mostly because the sun is out up there. I spent a couple of hours skiing yesterday, and the groom is in good riding shape. I wasn’t impressed with what I saw off the groom, but parts of Heather are still in great shape.

The next chance for new snow on the slopes is tomorrow, when a front moves into Oregon. We may see a few snowflakes during the day, but the bulk of the precipitation won’t hit until later. I think 3-6” is reasonable, assuming snow levels stay low enough at the beginning of the system. After the cold front passes, snow levels drop to about 4000 feet on Saturday. Another 3-5” falls Saturday, and another 1-3” on Sunday.

I have a couple of links to share today. First, the Greasebus is now offering Hood River pickup for shuttle service to Meadows. It’s $10 roundtrip. Unfortunately, the pickup isn’t until 9am, and dropoff isn’t until 5pm, but it’s better than no shuttle to Meadows, and it’s certainly cheap. Maybe if we all email them, they’ll change the pickup to powder time, 7:45am, and return us to Hood River by noon.

Here’s the Greasebus link:

Here’s another rideshare option to the mountain. Zimride/Clifbar/Save our Snow:

Or you could just park at China Gorge and hitchhike like I do.

Have a great day today!