Thursday. 11/7. Mt. Hood rain/snow. Gorge wind. Events.

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 November 7, 2013

It’s fall now, and that means it’s time for the snow forecast!
This is Temira.
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Random Morning Thoughts

Today I am grateful for the University of Washington and its weather models, even if they do refresh at 7:30am now, and even if I slept through my alarm this morning and missed the model refresh.

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′

Mt. Hood Snow Forecast

You know what the weather looks like outside your window right now (it’s about 9am as I write this)? That’s what it looks like on Mt. Hood too: pouring rain. At 9am, the snow level was around 8000′. It will drop to 5500′ by 1pm and 4000′ by 4pm. Unfortunately, the bulk of the precip today will come in pre-frontal, meaning it will come in as rain. Expect 1” of rain this morning, switching to snow after 1pm, with .4-.5” water value (WV) between mid-afternoon and Friday morning, for 3-6” of new snow. Wind today will be SW 30-40 early, switching to W 50-60 around 4pm.

Mellower weather is in store for the ski slopes tomorrow. The snow level will be around 3000′ all day, with light flurries bringing .1-.2” WV for 1-2” of new snow. The flurries should end around 4pm. Wind tomorrow, Friday, will be W 30 early, dropping to W 10 in the afternoon.

As of right now, Saturday looks cloudy but mostly dry, with the snow level around 4000′ and light wind.

Plain Old Local Weather

Pouring rain this morning gives way to showery and windy weather this afternoon. Tomorrow looks cloudy and showery. Saturday looks cloudy, cold, and dry.

Gorge Wind Forecast

The Gorge started with east wind this morning under a E.11 gradient. As a 997mb low moves into Washington early afternoon, we’ll see the wind pick up. Expect west wind at 30-40 this afternoon east of The Dalles. Hopefully it comes in before dark. We’ll see leftover west wind at 15-18 tomorrow and light east wind on Saturday.

Road and Mountain Biking


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Events – email me if I’ve missed any outdoor-related events

Coming up on Saturday, the HRATS and I are taking a crew of people to Columbia Hills State Park out by Horsethief Butte to put the finishing touches on a 6.5 mile multi-use trail that will be open to mountain bikes. This should be a year-round trail, and we could use 15-20 people to help us. We’ll meet at 10 Speed Coffee on 13th and State at 8:30am, and should be done by 1:30pm. Please RSVP here so I can track how many people can help. Bring a bike, gloves, helmet, and eye protection. Thanks to Windance for donating a bag of swag!

Friday night is the Warren Miller ski movie at the Skylight Theater, benefiting HRVMS. Both showings are all ages, and there’s a Meadows pass plus lots of other stuff in the raffle. Meadows will be there taking pass photos. Friday night is also dropoff time at the HRVHS ski swap: 6:30-8pm. The swap is Saturday. Friday through Sunday is the Mt. Hood Independent Film Festival. Day passes are $15 and a full festival pass is $35.

On Saturday, the Lobos Motorcycle Club out of Portland has a Poker Run on the motorized trails of Post Canyon.

Have an awesome day today!