This forecast contains sunshine and wind. 6/12

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 June 12, 2010

Good morning!

There’s no wind on the Columbia this morning, and it’s going to stay light all day today, with the possible exception of Stevenson where there might be some light east winds. This is great news if you’re sick of the Gorge wind, and I know plenty of you are. Head outside today to get some sun… it’s going to be 80 degrees today.. finally, summer is here!

If you want wind, you’ll get westerlies tomorrow as a cold front moves along the coast. Clouds move into Portland late in the day, so winds will pick up from Stevenson to Viento in the afternoon. If everything works out in Wind Johnny’s favor, we’ll see 25-28 from Stevenson to Hood River tomorrow afternoon. At this point, Monday looks awesome, with high pressure at the coast and low pressure in the desert. Dawn Patrol is the call on Monday. Tuesday looks windy. Wednesday looks windy. I have no idea what will happen after that. =)

Out on the coast, it’s going to be windy from Astoria to Pistol today, tomorrow and Monday, with 25+ knots everywhere and a super-nuker from Florence south on Sunday and Monday. The swell’s only 2 feet today, but it’s 6 feet tomorrow and 8 on Monday.

On the trails, it’s finally drying out. The Whoopdee is in perfect shape right now. If you’re bored of the local trails, Falls Creek and Lewis River are both open, and so are Knebal and 8-mile. Ape Canyon, unfortunately, is not.

If you’re into fishing, it is free fishing weekend in Oregon. No license required today and tomorrow.

And finally, the Hood’s at 5.2 feet, the White Salmon’s at 4 feet even, and the Wind River’s at 7 feet.

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Have an awesome day today!