The wind messes my messy hair forecast. 8/5

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 August 5, 2009

Good morning Gorge sports fanatics!

West winds keep up the streak today. Early gradients were at .13 and winds were in the low twenties in the corridor. Give the desert an hour or two to warm up, and then head down to the Hatch or the Spit for 25-29. If you’re at work, catch the mid-twenties evening session at Doug’s or Mosier.

Tomorrow, break out the Aquanet or Elmer’s glue for your hair, because you’re going to need it. A sub-1000 mb upper level low crosses southern Washington, cranking up Gorge gradients. Clouds in Portland combine with desert sunshine for dawn patrol in the twenties building to midday patrol in the mid-30s. I think we’ll see clouds in the Corridor, so it’s probably Mosier, Doug’s or Arlington. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see 35-40 at Doug’s tomorrow (and since that’s the only time Doug’s gets good, you might just see me there… although… The Wall if the direction is right… too bad I have to be back in HR at 4pm)

Think about a desert campout, cuz that upper low should be in the desert by Friday morning, setting up a huge day at Maryhill and the eastern desert. Dawn patrol at Arlington should be in the 30ish range, building to the upper 30s later. Don’t forget your smallest kite or tiniest sail. And if you’re desperate, track me down on twitter – I’m GorgeReport – cuz I’ve got 5 Hot Sails under 3.5 for your demo pleasure.

Oh darn… I cleared my schedule for Friday. I’m going to have to windsurf all day. Poor me.

And once again, don’t forget that this weekend is Kiteboard and Standup for Cancer. Head to their website at and kick down. If everyone gives just $5, we’ll be well on the way to their goal of 100 grand. Let me give you my short list of local windsurfers who’ve died because of cancer, to convince you to kick down: Kevin Young, Jeremy Flanagan, Marty Cohen. Now, go donate.

Finally, a shameless sponsor thank you to Chinook, for their bomber made-in-the USA, based in Cascade Locks, booms and bases that I can’t seem to break. Yay! Buy local. Buy Chinook.

Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!