Sunday. Sun. Cold. Sun. Wind. Sun. Cams. Sun. Refrigerator.

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 November 16, 2014

Random Morning Thoughts

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a
The next day

Mt. Hood Snow

It’s a sunny day on Mt. Hood, and it will be sunny for the next few days. Expect temps at 5000’ to rise to the mid 30’s today with the free air freezing level (FAF) at 10,000’ this afternoon. Wind today will be light and variable (LTV).

Tomorrow starts off warmer on Mt. Hood: morning temps at 5000’ will be around 40 degrees with the FAF at 10,000’. Temps will rise to the upper 40’s in the afternoon. Wind will be LTV. Tuesday looks even warmer: temps at 5000’ will be near 50 degrees with the FAF around 12,000’ and LTV wind.

As I said yesterday, the temps/precip with the Wed/Thurs system have been all over the board. Originally it looked like .5” water value at 30-34 degrees. Now it looks like less water and much warmer temps. So don’t hold out hope for this system. The next system looks to hit Saturday, which is WAY too far out to be predicting. That said, it looks very wet with temps in the 30-34 degree range. Wait and see, folks. Wait and see.

Gorge Wind

It’s positively nuking on the river this morning. And that’s interesting, because the 12k models aren’t showing much. But the Gorge 4/3k model nailed the forecast. Expect 45-55 at Rooster today with 35-45 at Steven’s Locks. The wind chill is currently under 10 degrees. You might not go, but Laura would go. Dave Brown isn’t going, but he’s watching the webcams. You might want to too, because there’s smoke and steam on the Stevenson cam and it’s just plain nuking on the Rooster cam.

Expect Rooster to hit 40-50 tomorrow, with 35-40 at Steven’s Locks. The wind backs off just a touch on Tuesday and Wednesday, finally going to light-and-variable on Thursday.

Gorge Weather

There’s slightly less inversion cloud outside my window this morning (but it’s pink in the sunrise, so it’s an okay Inversion), and with slightly less snow on the ground, temps are in the double digits to start the day. That’s nice. If it had been in the single digits again, I was going to have to call the David Romprey Warmline to talk through my angst.

Anyway, temps will be in the low single digits this morning and in the low 30’s (if we’re lucky) this afternoon. The sun will shine today. Expect east winds to pick up in the valley this afternoon. Brrr. Tomorrow looks a lot like today, but just a touch warmer. On Tuesday, expect temps in the low 20’s to start and the low 40’s in the afternoon.

White Sprinter Van of the Day


Road and Mountain Biking

It seems like there are places you might find some dry pavement today, and it seems like there are places you could ride a fat bike, if you have one. A great place to ride bikes today would be… Portland or Vancouver, where temps will be above freezing, the sun will be out, and the pavement will not be covered with gravel and ice. Today, here in the Gorge, is the kind of day when only Marcroft would be out riding.

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Upcoming Events

There’s community yoga this morning, free or by donation, at Yoga Samadhi in White Salmon at 9am. Then there’s ping pong at the HR armory at 3pm. I have no idea if rugby people will be playing rugby in the snow at the Mosier School at 3pm. Probably. They’re rugby people. Coming up next Friday, Columbia Center for the Arts hosts the ski movies “Pretty Face” (about girl shredders) and “A Dozen More Turns” (about bad decision-making in the pursuit of… more turns).

Have an awesome day today!