Sunday-Monday: more of the same with a hint of a change…

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 November 10, 2019

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Today’s Gorge Wind – these are ranges for the average speed, not a predicted wind range. =)
Your favorite beach Dawn
Rooster Rock calm calm E5-10 E10-15
Steven’s Locks W5-10 W5-10 E10-15 E10-15
Swell-Hood River W5-10 W5-10 calm calm
Doug’s, Lyle, Rowena W5-10 W5-10 calm calm
Rufus, etc. W5-10 W5-10 calm calm
Roosevelt & Arlington W5-10 W5-10 calm calm

Gorge Wind Forecast

Not much is happening in wind world for the next several days, but noting at all is happening in the snow forecast, so we’ll stick with this as the headliner. Saturday wind starts light and variable with a westerly cant to the gradient. We’ll see the wind pick up to W 10-13 from Stevenson to Hood River today. River flow is 97,500cfs and temp is 51 degrees.

Sunday looks even less windy! We start with light westerly and end with E 10-15 near Stevenson. Just near Stevenson. Things get a little rowdier on Monday: easterlies peak at 35-40 near Rooster in the morning with 25-30 near Stevenson. The wind drops by 5-10mph in the afternoon. Thursday’s forecast is currently E 20-25 in the morning and light westerly in the afternoon.

COAST, JONES, SAUVIE’S: Detailed forecast was on winter break, but it’s back because of coastal wind… Swell forecast by NWS. Wind: north coast/central coast/south coast. Saturday: S5-10/LTS/N10-15, W swell 4′ @ 10 seconds. Sunday: 5-10/10-15/25-30, W 5′ @ 11. Monday: LTV (great for surfing!)/N10-15/15-20, W 5′ @ 12. Surfing day for sure!  

Hood River Weather Forecast

Partly cloudy sky and a gorgeous sunrise start the day. Clouds move in later. Temps will be near 40 early and in the upper 50’s this afternoon. Light west wind. No rainbows. Sunday looks mostly cloudy. Temps will be in the low 40’s early and near 60 later. Light westerlies early, light easterlies later. No rainbows. Monday starts with Nothing and stays that way for a long while before turning sunny. Temps will be near 40 early and in the mid 60’s (Temira questions this) later. East wind. No rainbows. Next chance of rain is Thursday or Friday.   Looking for a complete Columbia Gorge forecast? Looking for more humor in your weather? Obscenities? You’re looking for my TATAS: Temira’s Awesome Travel Advisory Service on Facebook.  

Road and Mountain Biking

It’s Saturday morning, and there are two work parties in Post Canyon. 1) meet at Binn’s Hill Staging Area at 9am for a few hours to repair Borderline following logging. Donuts and coffee will be provided. 2) Meet at Family Man at 9:30 for a few hours of work (unclear where). That’s followed by “refreshments”, which I assume means beer. Other news… some elevations likely have freeze-thaw mud. Please don’t ride through those areas, or you will do significant trail damage. That said, if you go up high, you’ll likely find perfect dirt as the Inversion as been in place for a few days.  

Upcoming Events

As mentioned in the biking section, there’s a work party meeting at Binn’s Hill Staging Area at 9am Saturday, and another meeting at 9:30am at Family Man. The Klickitat 5k, half, and marathon runs today. You can volunteer at the Rebuild-it Center from 9am to noon today and every Saturday. There’s a teen meetup, a “sketchbook social” at Dog River Coffee from 2pm to 4pm.  

White Sprinter Van of the Week!  

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Random Morning Thoughts: on vacation.


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