Sunday. 12/8. Mt. Hood snow, cold weather, Gorge wind, and go see those frozen waterfalls today, folks!

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 December 8, 2013

It’s winter now, and that means it’s time for the snow forecast!

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Random Morning Thoughts

I am writing this forecast on the employee bus to Meadows, and I am freezing my butt off. I bet it’s under 40 degrees in here. My fingers on the keyboard are very cold. My toes in my snow boots are cold. At least the cupcakes I baked this morning are also cold… Peter C. will be happy.

Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′

Mt. Hood Snow Forecast

It’s cold on Mt. Hood this morning, but not as cold as it is in Eugene, where it was 8 below zero. Or Odell, where it’s -3. Or Hood River, where it was 1. Expect highs in the low double-digits (blazing hot) today on Mt. Hood with increasing and hard-to-predict north wind.

Tomorrow starts with high clouds over the mountain, with flurries for much of the day and less than .1” water value (WV) accumulation for 1” or so of new. Maybe 2” by Tuesday morning, if we’re lucky. Temps will be in the low 20’s and the wind will be NW 20ish all day.

Cloudy weather and light snow flurries continue on Tuesday with temps in the mid to upper 20’s with NW wind at 30 all day.

Wednesday sees temps rise right around freezing on Mt. Hood with no precip. Things get interesting Thursday, Friday and Saturday, as several wet storms move in with freezing levels fluctuating between 4000′ and 6500′. Let’s wait a bit and see how things shake out before we start calling r**n for Mt. Hood. Why? Because rain on the ski resorts doesn’t make anyone happy.

Plain Old Local Weather

We set a record low temp for yesterday. The previous record was 9 degrees. I’m not sure what the temp was at 11:59pm yesterday, but I’m pretty sure it was below that, because it was 11 when I went to bed at 8pm.

We started today with a low of 1 in Hood River, but the record low of -10 still stands. Expect very cold weather today as mid-level fog/clouds keep the full power of Sol from warming the air. If you’d like to be warmer, and you’d like to feel the sun on your clothes (not your skin – it’s too cold for that) head to Mt. Hood, where it was 4 degrees at the base and 8 degrees at 7300′ this morning.

Tomorrow’s temps in the Gorge will likely remain below freezing as the inversion cloud forms, dropping light but continual snowfall on us all day. As a weak weather system moves in midday, we’ll see more snow, maybe an inch or two through Tuesday morning.

Tuesday looks like another round of inverted temps, keeping us in fog and flurries.

This weather system is going to break with heavy precipitation early Thursday morning. If the timing stays as currently predicted, we’ll likely see a period of freezing rain in the Gorge and Parkdale before a switch to rain in the afternoon.

Gorge Wind Forecast

According to the models, we’ll see east wind at 21-24 today and west wind at 21-24 tomorrow. I’m not sure I’m buying westerlies that strong, but let’s go with light west wind tomorrow and Tuesday.

Road and Mountain Biking

Are you out of your mind? It’s 1 degree out. And snowing.

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Events – email me if I’ve missed any outdoor-related events

There’s a winter holiday concert at Columbia Center for the Arts this evening. Aaron Mayer is at the Hood River Inn in a fundraiser for the United Way tonight. And the Seahawks are playing the 49’ers at 1:25pm. Go ‘Hawks!

Have an awesome day today!