Summer forecast. 7/23

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 July 23, 2011

Good morning everyone in the Gorge!

Summer is finally here, with the forecast high today in the mid to upper 80’s. The high pressure bringing the nice weather is going to shut down the wind today. It’s going to be light and glassy all day long. Hopefully glassy, because the standup paddlers and the wakeboarders will both have fun. Oh, and the wakesurfers and the fishermen and the sun tanners.

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Coming up tomorrow, the high pressure is going to move east and a much cooler system will move toward the coast. We’ll start off with glassy to light conditions, but by early afternoon, the wind will pick up to 17-21 by Stevenson, jumping to 23-25 for a couple of hours from Stevenson to Mosier, and then getting really gusty near Hood River and filling in out at Arlington in the low twenties.

Monday’s setup looks pretty good for wind, with a 15 degree drop in temperature.
The wind will start in the 18-22 range east of the low clouds and pick through the day as high pressure builds off the coast, hitting the 26-29 range from Doug’s to Arlington.

Now that you’ve read the wind forecast, I have one more Subie question. It’s actually a survey, it’ll take you less than a minute, and if you could do it, it would help out…kinda like I help you out with this free forecast. =) Click here to take survey And thank you in advance. (And Rich, I get bonus points if the survey makes you laugh at any point)

P.s. West wind continues on Tuesday and Wednesday.

In biking news today, there are two road rides that leave Ground in Hood River. The really fast ride leaves at 8 and the not-so-fast ride leaves at 8:30. That happens every Saturday, in case you’re reading this after 8.

Out on the rivers, there’s the World Kayak and Kayak Shed’s paddle today, meeting at Husum at 11am for a paddle on the Middle White Salmon followed by a barbeque. There’s going to be demo boats and maybe some swag, so if you’re a boater, show up for this one.

That’s it for today. Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!