Saturday Forecast

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 January 22, 2011

Good morning, and sorry for the late forecast. The strong, rapidly dropping wind on the hill kept me busy until now.

Today, from now on, looks dry, warm and sunny, with 10-15mph wind. Highs at 5000’ today will be around 40-43°, with the free air freezing level around 8-9000’.

We may see some high clouds tomorrow as a front swings north of us, but we shouldn’t see any precipitation. Winds tomorrow will be WNW at 15-20 all day long. Highs at 5000’ will be 43-45°, with a strong inversion in the valleys.

We’ll probably see a trace to .10” of r**n on Monday as a warm front brushes Oregon. The snow level will be around 8-9000’, with highs at 5000’ around 40-43°. Winds on Monday start at W 15-20, rising to W 25-35 midday, switching to NW 25-35 in the evening.

Tuesday looks sunny, dry and warm. The free air freezing level will be around 9-10,000’, and winds will be light and variable. Highs at 5000’ will be around 50°.

The rest of the week looks dry and warm.

If you want to go windsurfing, you’ll be waiting until the easterlies pick up on Wednesday.

Have a great day, and enjoy the sunshine! I’m getting out of this cave now!