Saturday: cloudy and windy. Post Canyon moto is done for the season.

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 August 1, 2020

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The Forecast

Today’s Gorge Wind – these are ranges for the average speed, not a predicted wind range. =)
Your favorite beach Dawn
Rooster Rock OPEN! naked buns rejoice!
Steven’s Locks 12-15 16-19 22-26 22-26
Swell-Hood River 22-26 22-26 22-26 22-26
Lyle to Doug’s 11-14 16-20 22-26 22-26
Rufus, etc. 13-16 13-16 20-23 20-23
Roosevelt & Arlington 10-13 10-13 10-13 10-13

Gorge Wind Forecast

Yesterday’s wind didn’t exactly agree with the forecast, did it? Let’s see if your forecaster can do better today. Generally speaking, we’re looking at moderate westerlies over the next few day as offshore high pressure stays south of where we’d like it and a trough hangs around off the BC coast.

For Saturday, we start with gradients of 0.13 and 0.06 with westerlies at 21-25 from Viento to Swell. That’s pretty much what we’ll see today – call it gusty 22-26 from Viento to Swell this morning. That wind should fill in to Avery and Stevenson this afternoon. East of Avery, we’ll have morning westerlies at 13-16 and afternoon westerlies at 10-13. Rufus, as always, is the wild card. Will it outperform the forecasts yet again today? Oh, probably. Let’s change that to 20-23. River flow is 152kcfs and temp is 69 degrees. Perfect for western Gorge downwinding! Clouds burn off in the afternoon, and the predicted high temp is 84.

Sunday looks a lot like Saturday, but you’ll want to reverse the timing of the cloud coverage; morning sunshine gives way to afternoon partial clouds. Westerlies start the day at 15-18 from Viento to Mosier with 10-13 east and west of there, all the way to Arlington. Afternoon wind picks up to gusty 22-26 form Stevenson to Avery with 10-13 farther east. High temp: 87.

Monday: Almost identical! 16-19 to start the day from Viento to The Dalles with 10-13 at other launches as far east as Arlington and as far west as Stevenson. Midday on: 22-25 from Stevenson to The Dalles. Looking long-range, it appears that we’ll see a sharp cooldown of the proper type next Thursday. Keep an eye on that one for a chance to use your smallest gear.

Due to crowding and unsafe conditions at Port beaches, further restrictions are now in place. Remember: crowds lead to closures. First, kiting is no longer allowed at the Marina – it has become unsafe for other user groups. Third, Lyle is now off limits unless you can get to the sandbar without crossing the RR tracks. If you cross the tracks, you are likely to be ticketed. Next, parking has been further reduced along the waterfront – various restrictions are in place due to crowding at Frog Beach. The Nichols boat dock remains closed due to crowding.    

Coast, Jones, Sauvie’st

Coast (north/central/south – swell forecast provided by NWS. Wind northerly except as noted). Saturday: NW5/NW5/N15-20, W swell 3′ at 8 seconds. Sunday: LTW/LTW/N10-15, W swell 3′ @ 8. Monday: NW5/NW5/N15-20, W 3′ @ 8. Jones Saturday: 12-15. Sunday: 16-19. Monday: 10-13. Sauvie’s Saturday: 10-13. Sunday: 13-16. Monday: 13-16.    

Open/Closed Launch Site List – Porta-potties only.

Skamania County
Stevenson East Point, Bob’s Beach, Boat ramp: all open
Home Valley: Open
Swell City: Open
Spring Creek Hatchery: Open
Klickitat County
Wunderbar: high water
Bingen Point: Open
Lyle: Police and tickets, oh my! Closed.
Doug’s Beach: Open
Avery: Open
Maryhill: Open for day use only..
The Wall: Open.
Roosevelt: Still CLOSED due to windstorm damage. (7/15)

Rooster Rock: Open
Viento: Open
The Hook: Open
Waterfront Park: Open
Event Site: Open. Parking limited on weekends.
The Spit: Open
The Marina: No more kiting here
Boat ramp: open
Mosier: Only open for residents of 97040. Gate closed.
Rowena: Open
Celilo: Open
Rufus: Open
Arlington: Open
Threemile: Open

Mt. Hood Weather Forecast

Mt. Hood Meadows is now allowing uphill travel within the permit area. However, you will need to park outside their parking lots. Timberline is open for lift-serve skiing with exemplary guidelines for protecting guests and staff from the transmission of novel coronavirus. Please read their guidelines and rules here. Well done, T-Line! The Mt. Hood weather forecast will be on vacation unless something interesting happens in the weather up there. Some of you will be tempted to go out backcountry skiing. Please don’t – accidents do happen, and you may put others at risk. Timberline is allowing uphill access outside the permit area on the climbers’ trail only.    

Hood River Weather Forecast

High overcast sky this morning clears by early afternoon. Temps will be in the mid 60’s early and mid 80’s later. Muggy. Moderate westerlies. No rainbows. Sunday looks clear in the morning and partly cloudy in the afternoon. Temps will be near 60 early and in the mid 80’s later. Moderate westerlies. No rainbows. Monday looks sunny. Temps will be near 60 early and in the low 80’s later. Moderate westerlies. No rainbows.     Looking for a complete Columbia Gorge forecast? Looking for more humor in your weather? Obscenities? You’re looking for my TATAS: Temira’s Awesome Travel Advisory Service on Facebook.    


Motorized report: as of today, Post Canyon is closed to motorized use due to fire danger. Other Post news: Eldorado is closed about 100 yards before the Mixed Tape intersection due to timber harvesting. HRATS will be putting in a short hike-a-bike to Uptrack to allow for riding up to the top of Bad Motor Scooter. The Rowena Curves are freshly chip-sealed, and so is Snowden Road. The new Whoopdee trail is being constructed. Contact HRATS if you would like to be part of some small and socially distanced work parties.    

Sprinter Van of the Week!


Click here for the Sprinter Van map of the world!!!    

Local Events

There are sailboat races at the Hood River Marina every Wednesday evening. Dirty Fingers has a group mountain bike ride Thursday nights at 5:30pm. Cheno has an outdoor HIIT workout at Columbia High School in White Salmon at 6pm on Wednesday nights. That’s pretty much it for outdoor sports. There is a BLM rally every Tuesday evening at 5:30 at the Salmon Fountain in Hood River, and there’s a White Coats for BLM rally every Wednesday evening at 6pm at 12th and May.   Click here for the full events calendar.    

Have an awesome day!