Saturday 3/13 Forecast

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 March 13, 2010

Good morning!

Winter is here, if only for a day. Up on Mt. Hood today, it’s snowing hard and blowing hard, with west wind tossing snow into leeward glades. Powder and windblown powder cover the ski slopes from the base of Skibowl to the top of Timberline. If you’re not afraid of a little weather, get out and make some turns today. I am. Oh. Wait… that’s my job. =)

Tomorrow looks sunny and warm on the slopes, so if you’re hoping for powder, get it today or tonight. Sunshine continues through Tuesday and then powder returns on Tuesday night, setting up a great ski day on Wednesday. After that, we’re looking at sunny days into the extended forecast.

Speaking of sunshine, Monday and Tuesday see temperatures climbing near 60 in the valley for some great hiking and road biking. If you haven’t been out for a hike, get out, because the wildflowers are blooming and the ticks are still hibernating. I think the mountain bike trails are going to be slick and slimy until the end of next week, so break out that road bike and ride some hills.

If you’re not skiing today, you can make a difference in your mountain bike riding experience. There’s a work party in Post Canyon today with trail maestro Doug Van Zandt on his fabulous reroute of Spaghetti Factory. Meet at the bottom of Post Canyon Road at 9am where the pavement meets the dirt, bring tools, bring a smile, and bring snacks to share.

If you’re looking for wind, hold out for easterlies on Monday and Tuesday. It’s not looking super strong, but it’s looking both sailable and kiteable. Most importantly, it’s looking warm. Ditch the gloves.
Finally, tonight is the 3rd anniversary party at Double Mountain. Enough said about that.

Oh, and Paul Van Dyk is playing in Portland next Friday and Tiesto is playing on April 9th. If you’d like to carpool, please let me know. =)

Have a great day today!


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  1. David |

    Yay Tiesto! Thanks for the heads up!