HR – Rowena Crest

Mileage: 25.8
Elevation gain: 1961′

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This is a classic Gorge road ride. You’ll ride the closed-to-cars Mark Hatfield Trail, also known as the Twin Tunnels Trail. Then you’ll ride Old Highway 30 to the spectacular viewpoint at Rowena Crest. Now, my advice is, as always, questionable, but you’re probably not going to have a great time doing this ride in a west wind. So check the wind forecast or just look out the window before you head out.

Park in the paved lot across the street from the China Gorge restaurant. Ride up the S-curves. Continue past the twin tunnels parking area and onto the paved Twin Tunnels trail (which is more like a road). Turn left at the end of the bike path and follow the road into Mosier. Turn left onto Highway 30 and continue 6 or 7 miles or so to Rowena Crest Viewpoint.

If that’s not enough mileage, head past the viewpoint and down the Rowena Curves, site of about 1 million photos in cycling advertisements. Follow the signs to Mayer Park. Go swimming. Return home. Dropping down to Mayer Park adds about 800′ of climbing and 7 miles.

You can also ride to The Dalles along a very fast, very flat, and blacktopped road. It’s my favorite TT in the Gorge, especially heading westbound with an east breeze as a tailwind. That’s truly magical.

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A common variation is to turn right on Marsh Cutoff Rd after most of the climb out of Mosier, then turn right again on State Rd. for a fast descent back into Mosier. For a steeper climb, start by riding up State (or continue all the way over 7 Mile Hill).

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