Rest in Peace Jeff Young… this forecast is for you.

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 May 5, 2010

Good morning!

I held off yesterday morning on saying anything about Jeff. Nothing had been confirmed, but now it has, and you’ve probably heard that Jeff Young didn’t make it back to the beach at Threemile on Monday. It was an insane day on the river… I was on a 3.2 when I first went out, and didn’t think I would be able to make it back downwind to the launch. Victor came in right after me, and he said he’d never been so scared… He guessed it was gusting to 70 or 80 out there. Jeff came in looking a little scared too, but then he started smiling.

He told me he was having a great time out there… he was actually jumping and sailing, while the rest of us (with the exception of Luther the animal) were just trying to get back and forth across the river. Jeff was just going out for a last session when I left, and the wind was still nuclear. Nobody knows what happened to him out there, but it’s worth saying that if you’re overpowered on your smallest sail and want to keep sailing, for safety’s sake, you should be wearing a helmet.

Rest in peace Jeff… I’m glad you went sailing the biggest day ever, rather than some other way, but I wish you’d waited many, many more years to go. My heart goes out to Hannah.

If you’d like to get out on the river and have a session for Jeff today, you’ll get your chance. The morning gradient was at .08, and with low pressure in the desert and high pressure at the coast, winds will pick up with afternoon heating. This morning brings 17-20 from Hood River to Arlington, and this afternoon, we’ll see gusty 16-20 from Stevenson to Hood River and 24-28 this afternoon from Mosier eastward

Tomorrow looks light light west wind, and Friday looks like light east wind, but sunnier, and warmer with highs near 65 degrees.

In biking world, Hospital is sloppy, Post is sloppy, Dog River’s under snow and so is Surveyor’s, but Nestor, should you choose to torture yourself, is rideable. Post and Pint looks unlikely for tomorrow.

If you’re a boater, The Hood’s at 4.5ft, the White Salmon’s at 4.1, and the Little white’s at 776 cfs.

And if you’re looking for something to do tomorrow night, check out Richard Hallman’s slideshow, Kasmir, India, at the Skylight Theatre.

So, whatever you do today, do it for Jeff and his daughter and have an awesome day!


We'll miss you, Jeff...

We'll miss you, Jeff...


  1. Mike Rockwell |

    The gorge is lessened anytime we lose a tribe member. We will miss Jeff and send heartfelt wishes to Hannah.

  2. Jane Nichols |

    Jane again. I didn’t let you know how saddened we are because of the loss to Hood River. With kind regards.