Radio report = wind forecast for you 4/12

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 April 12, 2010

Good morning!

It’s radio report season again, and that means you’re going to get a forecast on a regular basis now. I know you’re thrilled that you’ll be getting yet more useless junk mail in your inbox on a daily basis. 😉

It is spring, but the snow is still falling on Mt. Hood. Since you guys are still skiing, we’ll have snow reports ‘til the powder stops falling. At Meadows, it’s 31 degrees at the base, with light wind. There’s 1” of new snow on the ground with a 135 inch base. Over at Timberline, it’s 29 degrees at the Lodge. They have light wind down low, strong up top with a trace of new snow and a 163 inch base. Skibowl is closed til Wednesday afternoon.

It looks like we’ll be seeing more snow on the mountain all week. At this point, I’m not seeing any powder dumps in the near future, but at least we’ll have new snow, rather than sticky slush, on the slopes this week.

I know some of you have already been out on the water windsurfing or kiting. It’s 47 degrees in the river, which isn’t bad if you’re covered in neoprene, and it doesn’t take that warm a day to hit 100 degrees total. Of course, if you use my formula, and add wind speed into the equation, you can hit 100 or more all winter long.

Today won’t be windy enough to sail, but you might get a chance tomorrow in the desert after a low pressure trough moves east. Morning winds will be in the 17-21 range, followed by 23-27 in the afternoon. If we get really lucky, the afternoon winds might get a little stronger than that, but given the lack of atmospheric dynamics, I don’t see much more than mid-twenties.

Boaters, the Hood’s at 4 feet even, the White Salmon’s at 4.1 feet, and the Little White’s at 750 cfs.

Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!