Mt. Hood snow, Gorge wind, local events

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 November 13, 2012

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

Today is World Kindness Day. Being nice to people is a good thing, so take the time today to do something nice to a stranger. Reach out and make a connection with someone today, and make them smile. After you do that, take the time to do something nice for a friend.

After you’re done with those tasks, you’ll have a better day, and you’ll be more motivated to go to rugby under the lights at Collins Field (5pm), or to kayak polo at the Hood River pool tonight (8pm).

If you want wind this week, there won’t be much today, but we’ll have easterlies at 20-24 tomorrow and 26-30 on Thursday.

In Gorge news, gloomy weather continues today with showers increasing this afternoon. I don’t expect a downpour, but I do expect wet stuff to fall from the sky. Tomorrow doesn’t look too bad on the inversion front, so I think we’ll see a partly cloudy day in the Gorge. Same goes for Thursday. Friday starts off partly cloudy, with rain late in the afternoon.

In the Mt. Hood forecast, Murphy’s law is active. Yesterday I predicted that the morning’s 32 degree reading was a sign the snow would stay snow all day. It switched to rain 5 minutes after I hit send. The night before I insisted it would rain. It snowed 10” at 32 degrees. Anyway, now that we’re through that, today’s forecast. It’s cloudy on Mt. Hood now, and the temp is 33 degrees down low and 28 up high. So, today’s precip should be wet snow, with .2-.3” water value falling before 4pm, for 1-3” of new. Wind today will be SW 10-15.

By Wednesday morning, a few clouds will be all that’s left of this storm system, and by midday, sunshine will be the rule. The freezing level will be 5500′ early and 4000′ late, as cold air filters in from the east. Wind will be NW 5-10 early and E 5-10 late.

Thursday looks dry and sunny, with the freezing level at 4000′ early, rising to 7000′ in the afternoon. Wind will be E 5-10 early and SW 15-20 in the afternoon as the next front approaches.

At this point, it looks like the next front will be a warm one, with the snow level above 5500′. Rain starts around 4pm Friday. Another system hits on Saturday, and this one will be warm and very wet. Chance of Meadows opening this week: 0%. Chance of it opening by Thanksgiving: 15%. Chance of it opening by December 1st: 40% (but who trusts the long-term forecast? Not me.)

In events this week, the HRATS have their board meeting on Thursday. 10 Speed. 6pm. After that, at Dirty Fingers Bikes n’ Bar, there’s the Body Maintenance Tools Workshop. Learn how to use household items to enhance your body maintenance program. It’s free, and it should be fun. Coming up Saturday, it’s the annual winter weather conference, put together by the Oregon chapter of the American Meteorological Society. Location: OMSI.

Have an awesome day today!