Mt. Hood snow, Gorge wind, and more trail work parties

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 November 15, 2012

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

This is a beast of a fog layer this morning. It appears that the once you’re west of Stevenson or above 6500′, you’re above the fog. Below 2000′, you’re below it. This seems like a good reason to head to Stevenson or Rooster for some windsurfing or kiting this morning. The winter 100 rule is in effect: air temp + water temp + wind speed > 100 —> 42 + 35 + 54 > 100, right? So, what are you waiting for? Head west for some easterlies. It’s your only chance this week. Sunday has potential to be a very windy day in the eastern Gorge, so stay tuned.

In events tonight, the HRATS have a 1 hour board meeting at 10 Speed at 6pm. At 7pm, Heidi Roberts presents a free Body Maintenance Tools workshop at Dirty Fingers. Note that this is about fixing your body, not your bike!

This weekend, once again, there are work parties: White Salmon Bike Park at 9am on Saturday. Charley LaVenture trail day, for those of you who loved and miss Charley, also on Saturday morning. At 4pm Saturday, there’s beer tasting at Dirty Fingers. Want more trail work? You can always volunteer on the trails in Post Canyon by contacting Hood River County’s trail coordinator at the Forestry Department.

In weather news here in the valley, expect a dry, if gloomy, day. The gloom should dissipate some this afternoon (that’s hope, not science). Tomorrow looks cloudy, but mostly dry, with a few sprinkles overnight into Saturday. Saturday morning looks cloudy, with heavy rain starting around noon. Sunday brings light sprinkles. All hell breaks loose Sunday night, with lots of rain at sea level all next week.

This means, to a large extent, more snow for the mountain. Today is currently foggy up there, but that should burn off, leaving high clouds. The freezing level is about 4500′ right now, but it will rise to 6500′ this afternoon and 7000′ overnight. Wind today will be light and variable early, rising to SW 20-30 by 4pm and SW 30-35 overnight.

Friday looks dry during the day, with the freezing level around 6500′. Mt. Hood will see some light sprinkles overnight into Saturday, for .1-.2” of rain. Wind will be SW 25-30.

Light sprinkles continue Saturday morning, with the freezing level at 6500′ early. An incoming cold front drops the snow level to 5500′ at 1pm and 4000′ by 7pm. The bulk of the precipitation will come in between 12pm and 4pm, for .5-.7” total water value. This means 3-5” of wet snow at 5000′. Wind on Saturday will be SW 20-30 early, rising just a bit to SW 30-35 around noon and holding all night.

Sunday looks snowy, with the freezing level at 3500′ at 4am, 3000′ at 10am, 4000′ at 4pm, and 5500′ at 7pm. Light precip in the morning gives .2-.3” water value (mostly before noon) for 2-3” of new snow. Wind will be SW 30-35 early, rising to SW 40-45 in the afternoon.

The next round of precip hits around 10pm Sunday, with very heavy precip. At this point, it’s a tough call, with 5000′ temps hovering around 0-2°C. I’m leaning toward snow on this system, with .6-.8” water value, for 3-4” of snow at 5000′. However, temps rise midday Monday, and the snow will switch to heavy rain for some meltoff. Tuesday brings 1”+ water value with the snow level right around 5500′, so it’s questionable. Wednesday brings a foot of snow, and Thursday looks likely to do the same, as previous dire-looking models have lost several degrees of warmth, meaning Thanksgiving now looks snowy, not rainy. Worth noting is the fact that Monday will be extremely windy on Mt. Hood.

Have an awesome day today!