More wind. Lots more. 7/27

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 July 27, 2010

Good morning!

This week’s forecast is brought to you by the Sandbar Café, located at the east end of the Event Site, and open daily during the summer from 11am to 7pm. You’re going to be on the water today, and lots of you will be at the Event Site or the Sandbar. When you get hungry, and you will, head over to the Sandbar Café for some food. Even if you’re not planning on sailing there, go check it out. I’ve been down at the Event Site the last couple of evenings, and it’s a really nice place to watch the sunset and enjoy the warm evening breeze. The $2.50 tall boys at the Sandbar seal the deal. Go check it out this evening. Sandbar Café has donated 5 fish taco and Tall Boy combos for this week’s email list giveaway. Score!

The overall weather setup looks good for west winds this week. Marine clouds are pushing in from the coast this morning, and although coverage isn’t very deep, there’s a .11 gradient from Portland to The Dalles this morning. That’s enough to start things off in the 16-19 range near Hood River this morning. By midday, the wind picks up into the 23-26 range from Stevenson to the Sandbar, fading a bit in the afternoon as Portland heats up. There is some convective debris left from yesterday, so keep an eye out for wind-killing thunderstorms this afternoon and evening.

The marine layer deepens tomorrow and combines with a weather disturbance crossing the Cascades in the afternoon for stronger winds. Tomorrow starts off with 20-23 from Hood River to Mosier, filling in to 24-27 at from Stevenson all the way to Arlington in the afternoon. The most likely result of the passing system is that the wind will get very gusty at the Hatchery in the afternoon, requiring you to drive to Stevenson or way out east for steadier wind. Driving to Maryhill isn’t a bad thing, as there are ripe peaches to pick.

Thursday looks like a repeat of Wednesday, possibly even a stronger day, as a deep marine layer fills in from the coast in the wake of the passing system.

Coming up tonight, there’s the Tuesday night triathlon in Hood River. Show up at the east end of the Event Site at 6pm for a 500 yard swim, 8 mile bike and 2 mile run. This isn’t a race, just a workout, so anyone is welcome to join.

And later tonight, peaking around midnight, is the Southern Delta Aquarids meteor shower. Look east to the constellation Aquarius for up to 20 meteors per hour both tonight and the next couple of nights. If you’re waiting for more meteors, you have just two weeks to wait until the fabulous Perseids!

Have an awesome day!


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