More west wind forecast 5/28

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 May 28, 2010

Good morning everyone!

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West winds are back this morning, as an upper level low hangs out in the desert and weak high pressure sits at the coast. Strongest wind today will be from Doug’s to Maryhill, building to 24-28 this afternoon, maybe a bit more if everything lines up right, with gusty 16-19 from Stevenson to Lyle. The way it’s looking now, it’s going to stay pretty cloudy today, and that could mess with wind quality.

Tomorrow morning looks windy as well. I think we’ll see 19-23 early from the Hatchery down to Mosier, or maybe just from Stevenson to the Sandbar, depending on the cloud line, fading to 17-20 and getting gusty later in the day. Sunday does not look windy.

In mountain bike land, it’s pretty muddy in lower Post Canyon right now, but the Super D is in great shape (excellent shape, actually), so ride it today! Remember that tomorrow is practice day on the Super D course and Sunday is race day, so avoid the Super D course at all costs this weekend if you’d like to stay in one piece!

Coming up this weekend is the Ocean Rodeo Windance demo at the Hood River Sandbar on Saturday and Sunday. Come down and check out the demos, or just come for the music and party on Saturday night.

Boaters, the Hood’s at 3.9 feet, the White Salmon’s at 3.5 feet, and the Klickitat’s at 2330 cfs. All you residents of eastern Skamania and western Klickitat county, remember that there are a limited number of $15 trips on the White Salmon the weekend of June 5th through Wet Planet Whitewater. If you have never rafted the White Salmon, this is your chance… but don’t forget to tip your guide!

Have a great day today!



  1. Tara Lynn |

    Thanks for doing such a great job every morning with a great all around forecast.

  2. jim lindsay |

    Found the video, no problem.
    Thnnks for the great website and awesome forecasts
    Will be heading to Rowena myself today, slimy rocks and all.