Monday-Tuesday: wind and dirt and snow!

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 October 9, 2017

Today’s Gorge Wind – these are ranges for the average speed, not a predicted wind range. =)
Your favorite beach Dawn
Rooster Rock E 10-15 E 20-25 E 15-20 E 5-10
Steven’s Locks LTV E 10-20 E 15-20 E 5-10
Hatchery/Wunderbar light light light light
Doug’s, Lyle, Rowena light light light light
Rufus, etc. light light light light
Roosevelt, etc. light light light light



Gorge Wind Forecast

Monday started out with light east wind at Rooster and west wind at Stevenson. As the day goes on and warms up near 70 in the Gorge, we’ll see the easterlies pick up. By late morning, we should have 20-25 near Rooster and 20ish near Stevenson. The wind will begin to fade in early afternoon, dropping to E 5-10 in the evening.

A weak weather system approaches during the day on Tuesday. Along with this, we’ll have very strong high pressure in the Pacific and a low pressure system in the Washington desert. The day will start off calm (and frigid – 38 degree), but the wind will quickly pick up. By 11am, we’ll have 24-27 between Cascade Locks and Mosier with 10-13 further east. As the system pushes in during the afternoon, the wind will die off in the far western Gorge and pick up out east. Peak windspeeds on Tuesday afternoon will average in the 25-29 range between Mosier and Arlington. Rain starts up around 4pm in the western Gorge, shutting the wind down west of Viento.

Wednesday looks showery in the western Gorge as a trough of low pressure sits over the western half of the state. We’ll have 5-10 through the whole Gorge in the morning. Those showers will keep the Stevenson to Mosier (perhaps to Doug’s) stretch in the gusty 12-15 range. Areas east of Mosier will pick up to 23-26 in the afternoon.

A stronger weather system in the form of a weak upper level low approaches on Thursday. This will keep the wind light all day – 7-11 or so through the whole Gorge all day long. The long range forecast is suggesting 13-16 in the western Gorge on Friday.


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Jones, Sauvie’s, Coast Beta Test Forecast

Jones Monday: no. Tuesday: 5-10. Wednesday: 5-10. Sauvies Monday to Wednesday: no. Coast (north/central/south). Monday: 20-25/20-25/25-30, NW swell 8′ at 12 seconds. Tuesday: 10/no/10-15, NW 8′ @ 14. Wednesday: no/no/no, NW 10′ @ 12.

Random Morning Thoughts

I’ve been trying a lot of new things lately (working in community mental health and teaching sex ed to teens, for example), and this has brought up some anxiety for me. Duh. Who wouldn’t be a little nervous teaching sex ed to teens? For many of us, anxiety can start to disrupt our functioning, or at least our comfort in daily life.

Here’s the thing: anxiety is normal, especially in new situations. We all experience nerves, jitters, self-questioning, self-recrimination, and all the other things that might come up when we feel uncertain. Most of us, unfortunately, react to anxiety like it’s a problem. Most of the time it’s not, but if it is causing you major distress, please go talk to a professional about it!

Anyway, if you can remember that anxiety in stressful situations is normal, you’ll suffer less. Remind yourself that it’s a sign you’re learning new things. Remind yourself that you’re growing, and this is just a growing pain. Know that your anxiety level will decrease as your comfort level increases. You might even end up proud of yourself, feeling competent and confident, and certain that you can conquer other similar situations. Don’t let anxiety keep you from new experiences, because life’s best is often in the new. Have an awesome day!

Disclaimer required by my grad school program: I am not your therapist, but could be if you come to Comprehensive Healthcare in White Salmon. I am your weather forecaster. Take everything I say with a grain of salt, and consult with your actual therapist about your mental health issues. One other thing: I plan to keep doing this forecast indefinitely, even when I am a therapist.

Gorge Weather Forecast

It’s dark outside as I type this, and given the fact that it’s 37 degrees, I’m not going outside to see if it’s cloudy. I think it’s fair to assume it’s clear, given the temp! We’ll see a high of 70 today with east wind and no rainbows. Tuesday starts out sunny but turns partly or mostly cloudy in the afternoon. We may see some sprinkles and light rain overnight. The snow level will be 10,000′ in the morning and 6000′ in the afternoon, dropping to 3000′ after midnight. Temps will be in the upper 30’s early and near 60 in the afternoon. Moderate west wind. 38% chance of rainbows. Wednesday looks partly or mostly cloudy and showery. Temps will be near 40 early and near 60 in the afternoon. Snow level 3000′. Moderate west wind. 99% chance of rainbows.

For weather specifically directed at travel through the Gorge, please visit Temira’s Awesome Travel Advisory Service on Facebook.

White Sprinter Van of the Week


Road and Mountain Biking

Just a reminder that many of the trails above 8-Track in Post Canyon are closed. There will be heavy equipment in the closed areas over the next few weeks, so please stay out. The Sheriff and county forest employees are quite frustrated with all the riding happening on closed trails. If the fear of authority doesn’t motivate you, please think about a tree falling on your head. Perhaps that will keep you out of there! If you are wondering what to ride that’s open, consider Seven Streams to 8-Track to Bad Motor Scooter to GP-Float On-Kleeway. Or consider Whoopdee-Ronnoc or Hospital Hill, both of which are very much open. Kitchen Sink is also open, and all Hood River County lands have reopened for motorized use.

Upcoming Events

There are all sorts of events happening as part of Gorge Happiness Month, more than I care to type out. Regularly scheduled events include: meditation at noon at Trinity Natural Medicine. There’s $5 Tai Chi at the Hood River Adult Center at 2:30. This evening at 6pm, there’s community yoga at Samadhi in White Salmon. At 6:30, there’s community yoga at the Mt. Hood Town Hall and community Zumba at St. Francis House in Odell. There’s YogaFaith (Christ-centered yoga) in The Dalles at 6:45pm. There’s community meditation at Bethel Congregational Church in White Salmon – Bingen at 7pm.

Click here for the full events calendar.

Mt. Hood Snow Forecast

The Mt. Hood snow forecast is currently on vacation. It will stay on vacation until I deem it to be close enough to winter that we need a Mt. Hood snow forecast. Be safe out there on the snow this summer!

Have an awesome day today!