Monday forecast

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 October 5, 2009


Good morning everyone,

There isn’t much to report on the wind front for the next couple of days. We’ll see light east wind today as high pressure blankets Oregon and Washington.

That high pressure shifts far eastward tomorrow, late in the day, turning the flow onshore again. We’re not going to see strong west winds, but if we’re lucky, we’ll see 16-19 in the corridor for the after work session.

Thursday looks like light wind again.

There isn’t much going on at the coast either. Light northerlies are the call with a 5 foot swell at 9 seconds. Waves pick up a bit on Wednesday, with a 7 foot swell train headed this way.

With the light wind through the Gorge, we’ll see perfect weather for road biking and mountain biking. Post Canyon was still a little slick yesterday, but I think it’ll be perfect by this afternoon.

Save some space on your calendar on Saturday. There’s a weeding party at the Hood River Waterfront Park and a telemark movie at Dog River in the evening.

Basically, this week is looking like a good week for making pie.

Have a great day today!