Monday evening forecast for Tuesday

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 June 20, 2011

Tuesday’s the summer solstice, and I’m off doing some sort of crazy multi-sport adventure, so the forecast is coming Monday evening instead. Hope that’s okay, especially since I screwed up the email the last couple of days.

Coming up Tuesday evening there’s the free Big Winds ladies standup paddle night at the Event Site. It’s been cancelled a couple of times this year, but it looks winds will be under 15mph, letting the paddle night happen. You don’t need a board. Just show up with a wetsuit and a smile, and they’ll let you try some gear.

The Clymb: free membership.
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Also Tuesday night, it’s Hood River Triathlon practice night. Those guys meet at the east end of the Event Site at 6pm. They’ve been waiting for the Columbia to hit 55 degrees before they start swimming, but I’ve been promised they’ll swim this week.

If none of that appeals to you, the wind’ll be back Wednesday. At this point, it looks like we’ll see 21-24 early, picking up to 26-30 in the afternoon. The strongest wind Wednesday will be from Hood River to Stevenson in the morning, filling in all the way out to Arlington in the afternoon. Pick of the day? Probably sailing the Corridor midday.

Coming up on Thursday, it’s another windy day in the Gorge. We’ll start off with westerlies in the low to mid twenties near Hood River, building quickly to the 28-32 range from Hood River to Rowena.

Also on Wednesday, it’s the Post and Pinot, attended by almost 20 gals last week, so do it. And if you prefer co-ed, head to Dirty Fingers Bike Repair for the Post and Pint on Thursday. Okay, I gotta go to bed. Meeting the team at 4am…
Have an awesome day today!


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