Monday. 12/30. More Mt. Hood blah. Mt. Hood rain. Sandy Ridge awesomeness. Maybe some road biking?

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 December 30, 2013

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Random Morning Thoughts

I got a text last night from someone who heard that Meadows is closing. No, Meadows has no plans to close. Just wanted to squash that rumor before it really got rolling. Thank you. Now go pray for snow or do your snow dances or sacrifices to the snow gods, because I want to ski powder!

Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′

Mt. Hood Snow Forecast

We have a problem, PNW. This weather that’s slated to come in Thursday and Friday, well, it’s slated to come in warm. I’m not liking it.

For today, we’ll see increasing clouds on Mt. Hood. The free air freezing level (FAF) will be 9000′ early and 8000′ in the afternoon with W wind at 15mph early, becoming light in the afternoon. No precip.

NYE looks partly cloudy in the morning, becoming cloudy in the afternoon, with a slight chance of just a few raindrops. The FAF will be 8000′ early, 6500′ midday and 8000′ in the evening. Wind will be W 25 early, WNW 30 midday and WNW 15 in the evening.

Wednesday will be mostly clear, becoming cloudy in the afternoon, with a chance of rain/snow overnight, for .1” water value (WV) or less. The snow level Wednesday will be 8000′ early, dropping to 6500′ overnight and hitting 5500′ by Thursday morning. We may see a trace of new snow. Wind will be WNW 10 all day, becoming southerly overnight.

Thursday looks mostly dry during the day, but precip starts in earnest around 4pm. The snow level will be 5500′ early, 6250 during the day, and 7000′ overnight. At this point, models show 2” of water value, 95% of which will fall as rain before the snow level drops to 5000′ by Friday morning. Maybe something will change by then?

I give up.

Gorge Weather

I just went outside to check the weather, and it’s definitely cold. And definitely cloudy, at least for now. I expect we’ll stay in the inversion down low this morning, but the inversion layer, at least last night, was at about 500′, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get out of it. Temps should rise to the low 40’s today under partly cloudy sky.

On Tuesday, we’ll see a mix of mid and high clouds, with Gorge temps in the mid 30’s in the morning and mid to upper 40’s in the afternoon with just a slight chance of sprinkles in the afternoon. Wednesday may be clear and may have a bit of an inversion cloudy. Anyway, the temp will be right around freezing in the morning and near 40 in the afternoon.

Gorge Wind Forecast

This morning’s 5am gradient was E .06, and the wind was in the upper teens to low twenties. We’ll see easterlies at 23-26 at Rooster today and 20-23 at Steven’s Locks. Tomorrow starts with west wind at 13-15, picking up to 21-24 in the afternoon east of Hood River. Wednesday looks like it’s going to be an easterly day. Not a big easterly day. Just a day.

Road and Mountain Biking

Sandy Ridge. Everyone’s going to Sandy Ridge. The south end of Surveyor’s is reportedly slightly snowy with just a couple of trees down. Up-Dog is rideable with trees down. Post should be fine too. Thinking maybe the road biking will be good above the 500′ inversion level today. Maybe repeats on the hard part of State Road in Mosier?

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Events – email me if I’ve missed any outdoor-related events

There’s indoor Ultimate tonight at Horizon Christian School at 8pm. Tomorrow night brings $12 prime rib at Cebu and pickup Rugby at 5:30 at Waterfront Park. Somehow those two just seem to go together. For you joggers and runners out there, head on over to Facebook and join the Hood River Running Club, a new FB group for runners. And joggers. Like me.

Have an awesome day today!