Monday. 12/23. Mt. Hood weather, Gorge wind, and more dry weather in the future…

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 December 23, 2013

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Random Morning Thoughts


Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′

Mt. Hood Snow Forecast

It was dry on Mt. Hood at 4:30 this morning, but by 5:40, a few snowflakes and sprinkles were falling from the sky. The weather models today favor the latter, rather than the former, as the snow level hovers around 7000′ before falling later today.

We’ll see the snow level at 7500′ early, dropping to 6500′ around 1pm, 6000′ around 4pm, and 3500′ this evening. The sky should clear by 7pm. We’ll see about 1” of water value (WV) fall today. Unfortunately, the majority will fall before the snow level drops this afternoon, so we’ll see somewhere in the neighborhood of .8” rain and .2” WV wet snow, for 1-2” at most at 5000′. Wind today will be W 35 early, rising to W 45 mid-morning and W 50 this afternoon before switching to WNW 40 overnight.

Tuesday looks clear. The free air freezing level (FAF) will start at 1500′ and rise to 9000′ in the afternoon, with temps in the low 30’s from 5000′-9000′. Wind will be NW 20 all day.

The inversion powers up on Wednesday, as temps at 5000′ rise into the low 40’s with the FAF at 8000′ early and 10,000′ in the afternoon with light and variable wind. Thursday looks sunny and very warm on Mt. Hood, with temps in the low 50’s. There is no precip in the extended forecast.

Plain Old Local Weather

It’s really hard to complain about 50 degree weather at the end of December. We’ll see a few sprinkles, and maybe some mid-morning rain, but we’ll see relatively warm temps today in the Gorge. If you want sunshine, head east of Hood River. Tuesday looks clear in the morning with inversion clouds likely building in the afternoon. Temps will be in the upper 40’s. Wednesday starts off near freezing with a gloomy inversion layer. Temps will likely just rise to the upper 30’s.

Gorge Wind Forecast

Today looks like a nice day for windsurfing and kiting. If you can handle the 40° water temp, you’ll have some nice strong wind this afternoon. Expect showery weather and gusty westerlies at 15-18 near Hood River this morning. Westerlies pick up to 26-30+ east of Mosier this afternoon. Maybe east of The Dalles.

Tomorrow brings leftover westerlies through the whole Gorge at 15-18 in the morning, dropping to 10-15 in the afternoon. On Christmas Day, expect east wind at 23-26. Easterlies should stick around through Friday.

Road and Mountain Biking

I have nothing to say about bicycling today.

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Events – email me if I’ve missed any outdoor-related events

There’s indoor Ultimate tonight at Horizon Christian School at 8pm.

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