Look ma, the westerlies are back!

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 September 13, 2009

Just so you know, you can no longer mail in your gas tax ballot. You’ll have to drop it off at 6th and State or it won’t be received in time. Please vote yes and spare our very nice, mountain biking, windsurfing mayor, who really is doing his best for you, a lot of heartache.

Today is the Dirty Fingers, Jimmy T and Me trail work party. Put on some pants, a long-sleeve shirt, and grab your biking gear for a 9am meet-up at Dirty Fingers. We’ll be working on trails along the 44 Road, and cycle-friendly New York City Subs is providing lunch. If it’s too late, you still might be able to catch the gang on the 44 road. Give Dirty Fingers a call for details.

On the wind front, a light start gives way to west winds later today. This is another one of those tough-to-predict scenarios with southerly upper flow messing with the Gorge’s juju. Even so, I think we’ll see plenty of wind to get on the water this afternoon. By 2 or so, we should have 17-21 in the corridor. From there, winds build into the 24-28 range from Hood River out to Arlington. There is a very slight chance that we’ll see even stronger, maybe even much stronger winds just before sunset, but it’s pretty unlikely.

The westerlies hold on Monday as cool air sits in Portland and a thermal trough hangs out in the desert. I’m thinking 22-25 is a reasonable call for much of the day tomorrow. Tuesday looks like a repeat of Monday, with some form of useable west winds on the books.

Don’t forget that today is the fly-in at the WAAM museum in Hood River. That’s not exactly sports-related, but if you ride your bike up there and take your kids with you, it could be.

Have a great day today!