Let’s ski already 11/10

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 November 10, 2009

Good morning!

I’m looking out my window toward Underwood Mountain, and it’s gone. Underwood, not the window. That’s a pretty nasty inversion cloud hanging in the Gorge this morning. Up at Meadows, it’s partly cloudy with another 4 inches of new snow.

Tomorrow is opening day, with 32 inches on the ground and another 4-8 forecasted as opening day accumulation. Models show more snow coming up this week, as the jet stream kindly sends more storms our way. It’s going to be a fabulous week of base-building up on the hill.

Other than that, we’ve got the fashion show coming up Friday night. If you haven’t RSVP’ed on Facebook, you can do so here: http://bit.ly/3OxSA8

And if you haven’t RSVP’ed for the Hood River Snow Show, you can get in on that bit of action here: http://bit.ly/3kliZI

That’s about it for now. I’m off to record the snowphone. And in answer to a couple of questions, no, there is no night skiing yet. And no, the lift-op schedule isn’t set yet. It will be by the end of the day, and you can find out at the Meadows website or on the snowphone (541) 386-7547, where you can catch my scary-ultra-perky voice until it’s recorded over later today.

Have a great day today. See you on the mountain tomorrow!