Last day of Meadows ski season forecast. 5/16

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 May 16, 2010

Good morning!

If you like Mt. Hood Meadows, get up there today. It’s the last day of the season. Although there’s nothing special going on for closing day, it’s still going to be fun.. I’ll be there, and I’d love to make some turns with you and hand you some cookies at the top of Cascade. The snow actually held up past noon yesterday, despite the heat, so it should hold up ‘til near closing today.

Make a few turns this morning, and then make it a two-sport day today. Although the wind on the river is pretty light this morning, we’ll see a little more wind later. By mid-afternoon, we’ll see gusty 13-16 from Stevenson down through the Corridor.

Tomorrow starts off light, but we’ll have gusty afternoon wind in the 22-25 range at Doug’s and Arlington as an upper low moves into California. Tuesday looks quite a bit windier, as that upper low hangs over the Washington desert, pulling wind through the Gorge.

If you’re a kiter (or just a party animal), this is an announcement for you: 2nd Wind’s kite season opener party is next Saturday at the Horse & Hound. We all know that 2nd Wind throws the raddest parties, so mark your calendar for that one!

In mountain bike land, this heat should help melt out some more snow, so hopefully we’ll have more of the 44 road trails in the next couple of weeks. Until then, Post is still epic, so your 500th or 1000th lap around Seven Streams will be just as good as the 100th.

Boaters, we’re going to see a fair bit of rain this week, so we just might see those river levels come back up. I’ve got my fingers crossed, because I’d really like to raft the Wind River (hey, I don’t kayak … yet …)

I’m headed to the mountain to pass out cookies. I have about 450, so you’ll have to find me quickly!

Have a great day today!