Labor day forecast 2009

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 September 7, 2009

Good morning and happy Labor day! Mother Nature’s going to cooperate today with better weather than we saw over the weekend. With a drying trend in place, my pick today is mountain biking, again.

As of yesterday afternoon, Seven Streams was getting muddy, Mitchell ridge was slick, and Knebal and 8 Mile were in epic, almost-dust-free shape. With the snow level at 7,000 feet last night, the most beautiful ride today is probably going to be Ape Canyon, if St. Helens can pull out of the clouds. If not, maybe tomorrow.

I was actually all set to go skiing at T-line this morning (by the way, Fusion passes go on sale tomorrow… that’s T-line and Skibowl together for one low price), but it’s raining up there. I was hoping for 6 inches of new, but it wasn’t to be. How cool would that have been?

On the windsurfing and kiting scene, a high pressure system moves into the Gorge today, keeping gradients from amounting to much. On top of that, forecast highs are 69 in Porltand and 70 in The Dalles, meaning we’re not going to get much help in that department either. So, I think we’re looking at a light wind day, maybe 10-14 through the central and near east Gorge at best later today.

Tomorrow’s looking like very light east winds through the Gorge as high pressure holds over the northwest. That will be shortlived – a front hits the Gorge on Wednesday for a return to west winds.

In other news, if you were hoping for free Tai Chi and Chi Gong this week, you’ll have to wait until next week. There’s no class due to the holiday today. Mountain View Cycle’s alternative ride is also cancelled today, due to the twin tunnels being closed.

Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!