Just another windy Monday. 6/14

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 June 14, 2010

Good morning!

There’s a pretty solid cloud line just west of Hood River this morning, and that’s good news for all of you wind Johnnies (wind Johnnies = poleboarders and tangleboarders). The 5am gradient was at .15 from Portland to The Dalles, and it was already blowing in the low twenties from Swell to Doug’s. With the clouds stacked up like this, strongest wind today will be from Hood River to Mosier in the morning and at Doug’s and Rowena this afternoon. We’ll see 24-29 at the windy spots today, all day long, and 19-24 at the less windy places. If you’re headed to the Hatchery, highway 14 at White Salmon is 100% open today. Highway 14 at Dog Mountain is closed 9-11am and at various other times.

High pressure holds at the coast tomorrow and low pressure drops into the Washington desert from BC. That setup will power winds in the 22-26 range from Rowena eastward tomorrow. Wednesday is looking like another big westerly day. I think I might have to take the entire week off. =)

If you’d prefer wind and waves, the central coast will fire again today, with 25 knots and a 12 foot swell. After today, the coastal wind backs off a bit.

Out on the mountain bike trails, the dirt is very, very good, and if you can ride today, you should. My bike is in the shop, (that would be Dirty Fingers Bike Repair), yet again, so I will not be riding. Mountain bikes are like boats and old cars: money drains!

If you need some relaxation tonight – maybe to recover from bike repair bills – there are two fun things going on. First is community Tai Chi at Wilson Park in Hood River at 6pm. That’s a free class, with instruction provided. Second is Mountain View Cycle’s alternative ride. Meet at Mountain View at 6:30 tonight for a cruising ride to Mosier for dinner at the Thirsty Woman. Lights of some sort and a helmet are required for this ride. Mountain View is trying to start the Parkdale Taco ride again… that one will leave the shop at 5pm for tacos at Eliot Glacier. Give the shop a call if you’re interested.

That’s it for today. Have an awesome day today!

I’m off for a kayaking lesson… first ever… yippee!!!


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  1. David |

    Hey temira, how does the wind look for the Wave Bash the wekend?


    • Temira |

      Windy enough. 20-25 Thursday and 25-35 knots through Saturday. =) Looks windy here too, and I’m looking forward to an uncrowded river.