June 6th forecast

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 June 6, 2011

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Good morning,

The thunderstorms showed up yesterday and put on a show, ruining the wind, but giving us a rainfall record for the day with just about an inch of rain in Hood River. As the low pressure system moved east overnight, that ended the thunderstorm risk, but it set up a big west wind day. The low clouds are west of Hood River this morning, so we’ll see 21-23 from Mosier to The Dalles this morning, picking up to 28-30+ from the Hatchery to Doug’s by midday, probably filling in at Maryhill and Arlington this afternoon.

Interestingly, it’s 67 degrees at Hood River Weather’s House, meaning the marine air hasn’t made it to Hood River. It’s probably made it to just where the little fluffy low clouds are hanging out near Home Valley. So much for cooling off my house by opening the windows…

Tomorrow looks similar to today wind-wise, but the temp is going to drop as the marine air makes it further east. We’ll see 22-24 early from Mosier to The Dalles, picking up to 30-35 from Rowena east in the afternoon. If you’ve been waiting for a big west wind day out at Arlington and Roosevelt, tomorrow is your day As always, if you want less wind, try Stevenson and Home Valley, under the clouds, where we’ll have 16-19 today and tomorrow.

If you’re looking for other stuff to do, Columbia Center for the Arts plays Journey from Zanskar this evening. It’s a pretty cool story, and well worth checking out. Coming up tomorrow, a couple of locals give a talk at the Waucoma Club about kayaking and river restoration in Kamchatcka, Russia.

And finally, tomorrow, weather permitting, is the ladies standup paddle club, free at the event site (probably not happening due to wind) and Wednesday is the Post and Pinot, a ladies only mountain bike ride out of dirty fingers (double check with DF due to muddy trail conditions).

Have an awesome day today!


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  1. Patrick Quigley, CGWA |

    Hi Temira,

    About the new vault toilet at Doug’s. We are jazzed that this is coming to pass. I will have a CGWA Work Party at Doug’s next Saturday, 6/11 from 9am to noon-ish to do our normal thing but more importantly work on landscaping around the new vault toilet. The WA Park Rangers have confirmed with me that this will be a very strong bldg to handle the hurricane force winds of Doug’s (like we had last evening!!)…

    THANKS for your great reports