June 5th Forecast

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 June 5, 2011

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Good morning,

The high clouds associated with the upper level low and southerly flow have already started building today. Clouds this early means a pretty good chance of building thunderstorms (nothing too exciting) this afternoon.

If you were hoping for windsurfing or kiting, well, the wind will cooperate with the bike riders today. We’ll see light wind early. In the afternoon, we’ll see increasing clouds and a chance of those thunderstorms, and the wind will pick up to the 17-20 range from Stevenson east to The Dalles.

That low pressure system causing all this trouble with the blue sky crosses the Cascades tomorrow, and we’ll have a windy start. I think 17-20 near Hood River and Mosier early is likely, picking up to 25-28 from Mosier to Arlington in the afternoon.

Tuesday looks windy too, with low twenties just east of Hood River early picking up to 25-29, maybe stronger, late as a cold system pushes into the Northwest.

If you’d like to go rafting or kayaking today, the White Salmon is at 4.5 feet, the Klickitat is at 2900cfs, the Little White is around 3.4 feet and the Wind River is at 5.3 feet.

Coming up tomorrow night, Columbia Center for the Arts is playing a very cool movie, Journey from Zanskar, and on Tuesday night, there’s a great talk at the Waucoma Club about kayking and river preservation in Kamchatka Russia.

Have an awesome day today!


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  1. Sam |

    Hey I realize it has been cold lately but isn’t it about time to change your main photo? It would be nice to see you sailing instead of skiing…

    • Temira |

      Thanks for the suggestion. It’s done. That’s me sailing, but the skier in the photo remains unidentified. I keep hoping he’ll see the photo so I can pass it on to him…