June 4th Summer Forecast

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 June 4, 2011

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Good morning,

My friend Kevin told me yesterday that he was going to have an ADHD sports weekend, and I think that’s a great idea… get in as many sports as you can today and tomorrow while it’s warm and sunny. Before you get out and play, head to the White Salmon firemen’s breakfast to fuel up. It runs from 6am to 10am, so both you and I are already late (6am?!?!? On a Saturday?!?!).

If you’re looking for wind, you’ll find it in the western Gorge today, as we get east winds in the 16-20 range this morning at Stevenson and Rooster, fading to 10-15 in the afternoon, and dying by the evening. Near Hood River, the wind will be calm this morning, picking up to 5ish this afternoon. Tomorrow morning we’ll start with light west wind in the 10-13 range from Hood River to Stevenson, filling in to the 20-23 range from Stevenson out to Maryhill late. We may see some disruption in the wind from high clouds and possible thunderstorms late in the day tomorrow.

Today, theoretically, is the first Gorge Cup race of the season. Registration is at the Event Site at 9am, but I don’t think the wind is going to cooperate with those racers today. Mother Nature is playing favorites with bike racers this weekend.

Coming up Monday, cool marine air pushes into the Gorge, setting up a big west wind day by noon, with 28-32 east of the low clouds, probably from Hood River eastward. Tuesday looks at least as windy as Monday, especially in the morning, when we’ll see the first Dawn Patrol of the season. See you at Cheap. I’ll have a spare 2.9 and a spare 3.2 Hot Sails Superfreak for anyone who wants to try them out.

If you’re out driving around today, keep an eye out for cyclists from the Tour de Hood. They’ll be leaving Hood River around 1 and riding to the Dalles over Rowena Crest and then back to the Hood over Sevenmile Hill. Those are casual cyclists. If you’d like to see some racers today, come to downtown Hood River this afternoon and watch the Criterium. If you’d like to ride with me, come do the Lost Lake Loop, because I want to ride my bike between high snowbanks, and I also want to check out the condition of the road.

The Black Dog Dual Sport is this weekend. They’ll be up in upper Post tomorrow, so if you want solitude on your moto, go somewhere else. But don’t bitch about the Black Dog, because it’s a super cool ride, there are 300 people here for it, and they’re out there picking up a bag of trash each day, which makes me (and should make you) feel pretty guilty for all those times you’ve ridden by garbage while out on your bike or moto. =)
Have an awesome day today!

Finally, if you’re looking for something to do tonight, CAST is putting on a free show featuring their top scenes of the last 5 years, a greatest hits of local acting, so check it out. 7:30pm, free, Columbia Center for the Arts.


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