Josh Sampiero needs a room wind forecast.

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 June 4, 2010

Good morning!

I know, I know, it’s wet out there today, but c’mon guys. You’re from Oregon and Washington. You’re used to wet weather so get out and play today!

The river levels are up for the boaters this morning and the wind’s going to come up this afternoon, and Rick’s back from Hawaii (although I suspect not for long), so it must be summer!. First, the river levels. The Hood’s at 5.7 feet, the White Salmon was at 4.75 last night, the Wind was at 8.47 last night, and the Klickitat’s at 3030 cfs.

All this rain and talk of river levels going up makes me want to take up boating. Seriously. Anyone want to take me out and laugh at me while I learn how to roll? I don’t have any gear… yet… I will take you to dinner and bake you bread, brownies, cookies or cake in exchange.

Out on the Columbia this morning, the river’s flowing at 339,000 cfs at The Dalles, and I have no idea what that means, but it’s going to be very windy this afternoon. As of 5am, things were calm but as an upper low shifts across the state, it’s going to go crazy out at Arlington and Threemile starting midday… 30-35 or maybe even more. It should happen at Rufus and The Wall as well, just a little later. I suggest you start driving as soon as the clouds break up, because this system is moving fast.

If you want less wind, stay under the clouds in the western gorge for 16-19.

At this point, it’s looking like near-zero wind for the weekend, which is going to be awesome for the Mt. hood Cycling classic Crit in downtown Hood River on Sunday. Today is the time trial from The Dalles to Hood River. The rain is going to suck for the first groups and the headwind is going to be brutal for the last groups. Best of luck to everyone!

And now, a special announcement: “Want to greatly increase your chances of getting in WINDSURFING magazine? WindSurfing editor Josh Sampiero needs a crash pad from approximately June 15th – August 15 (give or take a few days cuz he’s going to the Pistol River Wave Bash.) If you’ve got a room to rent in a house in Hood River, White Salmon, or Bingen, give him a shout! He doesn’t bake cookies, but, you never know – you might get a chance to try out some slick new 2011 windsurfing gear. “

Josh’s email:

Have a great day today!