It appears that we have a windy week headed our way. 8/3

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 August 3, 2009

The windy streak continues today and all week long as the desert heat low sucks cooler air from Portland through the Gorge. The early gradient was at .14 and winds were in the low twenties at the Hatchery. Marine clouds in Portland and sun in the desert give us 23-26 this morning, with the possibility of 25-29 followed by a midday lull, followed by 23-26 out to the desert this afternoon.

Another marine push tonight sends clouds into Portland, for another round of Gorge westerlies tomorrow. The models don’t look fanatastic, but they didn’t predict a big gradient today either. So, let’s go with 23-27 tomorrow for much of the day. Once again, the midday lull maims the lunch sesh, but dawn patrol and afterwork watertime look excellent.

Wednesday and Thursday see a solid marine push into Portland as the offshore low digs in off the Oregon coast. That cold, dense air combines with the desert heat low for the end of the unseasonably hot heat wave and the beginning of a couple of very seasonably windy days.

In other, non-wind related news, there’s free tai chi at Wilson Park in Hood River tonight at 6pm. Also this evening is the 5pm ultra-fast hammerhead bike ride from Mountain View cycles.

Tomorrow night, Mountain View hosts a free bike maintenance clinic at 6:30. Come learn how to change your own tire, fix hydraulic and caliper brakes and maintain your driveline. See you there!

Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!

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