Independence Day Gorge wind and events

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 July 4, 2012

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Happy 4th of July, everyone!

For once, we’re going to have beautiful weather for the 4th of July. We should see the temp reach 80 today, meaning no down jackets tonight! The wind this morning will be in the 5-10 range. It should bump up to 13-17 at Hood River and Stevenson, maybe Mosier, late this afternoon. If you’re out watching the fireworks tonight and you see someone from the Lions Club passing the hat, please make a donation. The fireworks, much like this forecast, cost money, but are free for your enjoyment.

The wind starts off at 10-15 or so early tomorrow morning, picking up to 17-21 by midday or early afternoon through the whole Gorge in the afternoon as the desert heats up more than Portland. On Friday, high pressure off the coast combines with low pressure in the desert for morning wind in the western Gorge at 17-21, picking up to 23-26 mid-morning and holding through much of the day.

In an interesting version of the long term forecast, models are calling for a high above 90 on Saturday and dawn patrol at the Hatch at 25-29, with west wind fading during the day. We’ll have to wait and see if that holds out. Also in the long-term forecast, 15-18 on Sunday.

Sounds like most of the usual Wednesday night events are canceled: the Post and Pinot mountain bike ride is a no-go, the Kayak Shed didn’t know if they were running their shop paddle when I called, and families at Family Man, well, I bet families are doing other things tonight.

But the regular events are back on tomrorow night: Tired road bikers can join the recovery ride leaving Discover Bikes at 5pm, not-tired runners can join the Tri Club for a Post Canyon run at 5, SUP Thursday at Gorge Kayak School, brought to you by Windance, are on at 6, and the Post and Pint ride is on.

Also tomorrow night, the Gorge Bump and Glide series, downwind standup paddling. Check their Facebook page for the start location.

Have an awesome day today!