Here comes the wind… 6/28

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 June 28, 2010

Good morning!

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It’s going to be a bit of a waiting game today for windsurfers and kiters as a weak system moves into Oregon, shoving thick marine clouds into Portland and increasing onshore flow. The 5am gradient only 5/100ths from Portland to The Dalles, but that’s going to pick up later. By midday, westerlies hit the 18-22 range from Stevenson to Hood River, with strongest winds likely at Stevenson and Viento. Winds keep building the later it gets, topping out in the 25-28 range from Stevenson as far east as the John Day Dam, maybe even Arlington.

This particular setup is a little tricky to predict. Here are the two likeliest scenarios: First, we see gradients shoot into the stratosphere with the wind only blowing at Stevenson, Viento and Arlington. Or, we see the entire Corridor go nuts. I’m hoping for the second, but the first is most likely.

Tomorrow looks a little stronger, as the pressure increases at the coast. We’ll see upper teen dawn patrol tomorrow morning in the Central Gorge, building into the mid-twenties tomorrow afternoon as the desert heats up.

If you’re looking for something to do tonight, there’s the alternative ride out of Mountain View Cycles in Hood River. Meet at the shop at 6:30 and join us for a ride to the Thirsty Woman to check out their cute new bartender. Also tonight is free tai chi at Wilson Park in Hood River at 6pm.

Boaters, the Hood River’s at 3.6 feet, the Klickitat’s at 1960 cfs, making for a nice big boat-flipping hole at Ishy-Pishy, and the White Salmon’s at 3 feet at the Husum gauge.

If you’re a friend of Peg Lalor, or you just want to send kind words her way as she heals from her bike wreck, join the “Peg Lalor Rocks” Facebook page here:

That’s it for today. One piece of advice today: if you want to get better at something, you’re going to have to look silly at some point, so get over it and have fun, and whatever you do today, have an awesome day!


  1. Tamir |

    Thanks for the forecast and for your advice!

  2. Buster |

    no big marine push in Ptown this am. Low clouds over river only and they are thin.