Here comes the wind… 6/19

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 June 19, 2010

Good morning!

First off, if you’re hungry this morning, Sophie’s is now offering brunch from 9-2. Sophie’s is yummy, so I’m hoping the breakfast is going to be as yummy as dinner. =) That was not advertising. This is: Thanks to Cascade Acupuncture Center for sponsoring the report this week. Stop by for your free tour and Chinese Medicine Pulse Diagnosis.

I hope you windsurfers and kiters took advantage of yesterday’s almost rest day, because we’re headed into a long string of windy days. Clouds over Hood River this morning aren’t a problem, because the desert is going to clear and the gradients are building. Portland to The Dalles was at 12 100th this morning, with another 5 out east. As the desert warms, winds east of the cloud line slowly build into the 24-28 range. Head to Maryhill and Arlington mid-afternoon for the strongest wind, and if you’re headed to Maryhill, remember it’s experts only right now due to super fast current and lots of fishing nets.

Tomorrow looks like a repeat of today, with early morning wind from Mosier to Arlington in the low twenties, building to the 25-29 range in the afternoon. Strongest wind tomorrow afternoon will likely be from Doug’s to Maryhill.

The early call for Monday is dawn Patrol near Hood River, and wind in the upper twenties by midday, and it’s looking like the rest of next week will be windy too!

The unofficial White Salmon off-road half-marathon is on for today. Meet at Everybody’s brewing at 9am to participate. This is a mostly unsupported, just-for-fun run with friends, so no lawsuits are allowed. I believe there’s a post-race get together at Everybody’s after the running is done.

Mountain bikers, I had reports of “as perfect as it gets” from Post Canyon yesterday, so it’s got to be near-perfect again today. If you have time to ride somewhere, anywhere, then do it!

Boaters, the White Salmon’s at 3.5 feet and the Klickitat’s at a really fun 2030 cfs. If you’re a dad and you want to go rafting, Wet Planet is offering free trips for dads this weekend. Also, if you’re a WP Facebook friend, you get 15% off trips this weekend in celebration of the solstice.

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Make it a great day today!