Hedge Fund Forecast. 8/28

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 August 28, 2009

West winds stage a mad-stylin’ comeback today. Despite the lack of whitecaps at 6am (oh, that’s because it was DARK and I couldn’t see), it’s going to blast later today. Seriously, the .09 gradient was a good start, and the approaching front will up the gradients later. As clouds bury Portland, keeping the city in the seventies, sunshine sears the desert for near-ninety in The Dalles. By mid-morning, winds hit the twenties in the corridor, building to 30ish by 1:34 pm and holding until dark.

I think the Corridor is the call this morning, but there’s a pretty good chance that low clouds will push past Hood River this afternoon. If that happens, head east to Doug’s, Celilo, Avery or Arlington.

There is also a slight chance that the approaching front will push winds off the surface, resulting in a dud of a day. If you see a pdx-dls gradient above .13 and winds not in the twenties after an hour or so, you can give up. Hopefully that won’t happen, but every once in a while it does.

(geez, nothing like hedging bets in all directions, right?)

If you’re looking for a good day at Maryhill, tomorrow looks like the day. High pressure at the coast combines with low pressure in the desert for due-west winds through the Gorge. 24-28 in the near east tomorrow is a reasonable call. Depending on how cloudy it is tomorrow morning, you may have to wait until afternoon for best winds. But, you will be on the water tomorrow.

Sunday looks windy as well. Less cloud cover means winds shift back into the corridor on Sunday, but winds will still be in the upper teens to low twenties or so.

In other news, the Bigfoot Bash and Bounty starts today in Home Valley. Sure, it’s a Sasquatch Fest – and that’s different from what you see at bars every night – but it is going to be a great party with music and a beer garden!

And, tomorrow morning, for women only, there’s the Ladyfinger road bike ride out of 10 speed coffee at 9am.

Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!