Happy Independence Day Weekend – 7/2 forecast

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 July 2, 2011

The no wind day has come and gone, and the westerlies will return today. No seriously, I promise. Even though it’s totally glassy out there and someone’s buzzing around in a ski boat, it’ll be windy. It’s going to be light this morning, but as a system moves in mid-afternoon, the wind will pick up into the low twenties at Stevenson. I bet it’ll still be glassy in HR when it starts blowing in Stevenson. The wind will hold there, and fill in to a gusty 17-19 through the rest of the Gorge (yes, even out east) late in the afternoon.

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Coming up tomorrow we’ll see dawn patrol east of the cloud line, probably Mosier to Rowena, with the wind in the 22-25 range, picking up to 24-27 later from Hood River to Maryhill. Models show the wind fading out east tomorrow midday, so stay close to the Corridor for the best wind. The wind Monday morning looks light, picking up to 13-16 in the afternoon.

In events, the Maryhill Festival of Speed is on, with downhill skateboarding and street luge, running today and tomorrow. And coming up tomorrow, there’s a swap meet at Windance. Today is Dan Gavere’s garage sale at 1700-something Orchard Road, which is where I’m headed as soon as I get this forecast out.

If you’re a mountain biker, Post Canyon is in near-perfect shape right now after the rain this week, so get out and ride it. If you want to get out of town, Knebal, 8mile and Surveyor’s ridge are in great shape, but Falls Creek and Plains of Abraham are still snow-covered. The 450 trail is only clear to the Fifteenmile intersection, with snow higher up. Speaking of snow-covered, the Watershed Relay has been delayed by a week due to snow coverage at Adams… and if you’re wondering what that is, check watershedrelay.com for the details.

Finally, the rivers: The White Salmon is hovering around 4 feet, the Klickitat’s at 2600 cfs, and the Hood’s still holding on at 4.3 feet.

Have an awesome day today!


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