Happy Chanukah forecast: 12/2

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 December 2, 2010

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Good morning!

It’s snowing in the mountains again today. I prefer starting the day with snow. Uttering the “r-word” at 5am is no fun. 2” of snow fell overnight, and we’ll see another 3-5” today, with temperatures in the mid to upper twenties. That should be enough snow to erase the evidence of yesterday’s rain from groomed runs. You’ll probably still hit the off-piste crust in areas after this snow falls, but the skiing will be to the good side of average.

Tomorrow looks dry and likely sunny on the slopes, but there’s a possibility of strange happenings on Saturday. Deep low level east flow combines with southerly upper flow for wind shear at 5-6000’ Saturday through Sunday morning. That could make for unanticipated strong winds at T-Line and Meadows Saturday evening. We’ll see 2-3” of new snow on Saturday, and we will likely see trace amounts in the Gorge as well (unless we end up in a rain shadow due to the southerly approach of this system).

Sunday looks dry with light wind on Mt. Hood.

Heavy La Nina snow returns to Mt. Hood on Monday, likely during the afternoon, making Tuesday the next powder day at Skibowl (3pm-9pm, Tue), Meadows and T-Line.

I have a wind forecast for you today as well. Nuclear force east winds hammer Rooster Rock and Stevenson on Saturday. Andrew, I know you hate the term nuclear, but these will be cold easterlies, giving your skin a healthy, radioactive glow. Easterlies continue in the 25-ish range Sunday, and then pick up to 30ish Monday into Tuesday as a deep upper low rotates off the coast.

Those east winds combined with a wet frontal system on Monday night into Tuesday give the Gorge yet another chance of snow and freezing rain, as the desert air feeding the easterlies will remain below freezing. This is getting ridiculous. Aren’t you glad you voted for the gas tax last year so we have money in Hood River to plow and sand the roads? Want to see more plowing? Buy more gas. (Arthur’s going to kill me)

Don’t forget about the 2nd Wind / USASA Rail Jam in downtown Hood River on Saturday. Finals will be in the evening, so even if you’re on the mountain during the day, you can still catch the best of the action.

Have an awesome day today!


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