Hannah Young fund and Forecast

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 May 8, 2010

Good morning gorge sports fanatics!

On the river this morning, it was light at 5am. If we’re lucky, we’ll see 16-19 from Stevenson to Hood River late afternoon… head to Stevenson for the earliest wind today. Tomorrow starts off light, but westerlies pick up late in the day at Stevenson and possibly in the corridor as well if the marine push happens early enough. Honestly, don’t plan your day around the wind tomorrow. Monday looks windier, as an upper low slides across Washington… I’m thinking 25-28 or so.

In mountain bike world, it’s awesome out there! Post was great last night, but I have one quick reminder if you’re headed to post: the trail was rerouted and new bridges were built to keep the fish in the stream safe. Keep your horses out of the streams. Yes, that means you with the bridge-scared horsie. The whole point of the reroute was to protect the stream bed and provide horse-friendly bridges. And seriously, if you could be kind enough to use a poop bag so people don’t have to ride bikes or run through piles of horse poo, that would be great!

In other news, this is an early heads up for next Saturday. It’s everyone’s favorite sporting event: The Dalles Rifle and Pistol club has their annual open house next Saturday. Free ammo and free hot dogs. Yep, it’s your chance to try something totally different. If I didn’t have to work next Saturday, I’d be there. You should too.

And finally, several people have asked me for information about a memorial fund for Jeff Young’s daughter Hannah. If you don’t know the story, Hannah’s mom died suddenly, with no advance warning, a few years ago. Hannah is 16, and although I’m sure she has plenty of support in the community, she is an orphan and could use what you can spare. Those interested in donating to the fund can visit an U.S. Bank branch and make a donation to the Jeff Young Memorial Fund or they can mail a check to the address below. Thank you for your generosity. Every bit helps.

Jeff Young Memorial Fund
c/o US Bank
1309 12th St
Hood River, OR 97031

Have a great day today.


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  1. Ruth Chausse |

    Hello to all the fun fanatics enjoying the wonderers of our world here in the Gorge. As a 23 year gorge resident , Mountain Biker, Road Biker, Skier both backcountry and downhill, Trail Runner, Sea/River Kayaker, and general outdoors person. I have now come full circle and gotten back to my first childhood love/sport and that is horses. I have riding now for the past 5 years and am a member of both Chapters of the Back Country Horsemen in the Gorge( Oregon and Washington) and for the past 3 years an Equestrian Representative for the Hood River Co. Forest Recreation Trails Committee and Master Plan Committee. I’m also on another trail committee working with the NSA and State Parks and their lands in the NW (Post Canyon) area. So I consider myself fairly versed in the current trail issues here and across the river.

    I think that it would be a nice addition to your site to include equestrians. After all
    Horseback riding in the Gorge is something people have enjoyed doing here for over a 100 years and still enjoy to this day.

    Please let me know if you are interested in sharing.

    Happy Trails,