Halloween forecast

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 October 31, 2011

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That said, your wind forecast for the week follows. Today we’ll see west wind at 17-21 near Hood River this morning, probably picking up to 22-24 by midday from Hood River to Doug’s. Tomorrow brings east wind at 10-15, picking up in the afternoon. We’ll start off with east wind at 23-26 Wednesday morning, but it’s going to be inconsistent, and then it’s going to switch to wet west wind in the afternoon.

More importantly, the weather forecast. Today looks dry. Tomorrow looks sunny. Wednesday starts off dry, but a big wet system moves in around 5pm. Snow levels will fall with this system, starting at 6000’ during the day, dropping to 5000’ by 5pm, and then dropping to 3500’ by 8pm and falling all the way to 1500’ by Thursday morning. We’ll see .4” precip Wednesday night, for 3-5” of snow above 4000’, and then we’ll see another 1-2” on Thursday above 2000’.

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Remember that kayak polo takes place every Tuesday at 8pm at the Hood River Pool. And if you’d like to practice your rolls, there’s a brand new pool session at 7pm on Thursday nights.

Thank you to the 35 people who showed up for the 44 trail work party, and thank you to all the local businesses for supporting this event. If you’d like to work on trails, we’re looking for a dedicated team of 3-4 volunteers to help with a rebuild of an old trail near Hood River. We’d ask that you give approximately one half day a week through the winter to help us out. All the work takes place weekday afternoons. Contact me for more information.

Coming up next week, on Sunday, there’s a trail work party in Cascade Locks from 9:30am to 3pm. If you’d like to come help, please rsvp (so you get lunch) to Andyj@nw-trail.org.


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