Friday: not quite the snow level you were looking for…

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 December 6, 2019
Good morning, neighbors! It’s another gorgeous, dark, Nothingy winter morning in the Gorge, and we’re just a few weeks away from the Winter Solstice. Gobble up all the darkness you can between now and then, because all too soon you’ll be flooded with more daylight than you can imagine! Looking at the weather for the next several days, there’s not much concern unless you’ll melt in the raindrops. Friday’s weather starts with Nothing for many and clear sky for those away from the Nothing zone. Clouds sweep in midday from the southwest, and the rain faucet turns on by midday. By then, everyone will be Too Warm for Snow – temps max out in the low 40’s. Expect moderate rain this evening as far east as The Dalles with heavy rain in the usual Heavy Rain Zone between Troutdale and Wyeth. Other commuter troubles: easterlies at 40-45 this morning and 25-30 later today. The Puddle That Lives In The Gorge (just east of exit 35) will surely be around to blind you this evening as you return from your money-making and booty-shaking in The City. Closer to home, Hood River lights up a tree and a menorah tonight, probably in the rain. If you’re one of the cool kids, you’ll wear a raincoat. City Slickers will show up with an umbrella. Californian’s, Arizonans, and Texans (except my friend Becky) will stay home to avoid the damp. If you prefer less rain for your ritualized light-switching, try White Salmon’s celebration on Saturday night. Saturday brings another round of rain. Like my coworker Becky with a cake and a bowl of frosting, Mother Nature spreads rain all the way from Portland to Biggs all day long. She spreads it with pleasure, she spreads it with pride, she spreads it with rain clouds, down the Gorge-ous divide. Wind on Saturday drops from 20-25 near The Rooster’s Pride in the morning to calm in the afternoon. High temps: 40-45. Light west wind returns on Sunday after a long hiatus, vacation, or retreat wherever the westerlies go when the easterlies blow. Clouds stick around for low elevations in the morning, but light westerlies mean there’s a slight chance of sun for many of us in the afternoon. With the westerlies in place, temps max out in the upper 40’s. Looking long-range, not much happens at all. Nothing particularly cold. Nothing particularly wet. Nothing particularly windy. Before I forget, there is a coat drive today at 108 3rd street in Hood River from 10-4. Bring coats, hats, gloves, and other warm clothing items. They will be donated to the local warming shelters. Safe travels. -TATAS