Friday Forecast, 3/26

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 March 26, 2010

Good morning!

You’re probably on your way to the mountain already. If you’re not, you should be. There’s 10″ of new snow and counting at Meadows, and with the snow level at 3500 feet, even Skibowl is getting snow today. Snow keeps falling for a couple more hours, and then… snow showers and slowly clearing skies. Ski Patrol and the groom crew both report NW powder today. It’s not champagne powder, but it’s certainly not concrete either. Grab your fat skis and head to the mountain!

Next chance for powder? Sunday during the day. Next chance for epic conditions? Tuesday, assuming the snow level stays low enough, and at this point it looks like it will.

Next chance for mountain biking? Unknown. Please stay off the trails until they dry out a bit. Also, it is no dogs season at Hospital Hill. That means NO dogs. Yes, I am talking to you. Your dog is very cute and very sweet, but it is not allowed at Hospital Hill for the next couple of months. Please do not jeopardize our access to the Kreps’ land by taking your dog to Hospital Hill. Also, please do not park on Spring Street at the corral.

Next chance for wind? Light easterlies tomorrow are your best chance for wind in the next few days.

Looking for something fun to do? Tonight is Mark Nilsson’s birthday party at Cebu Lounge in Hood River. Tomorrow night, Area 54 plays at Naked Winery at 6pm. Also tomorrow night, Women of Dirt, a girls-only mountain bike movie, plays at the Columbia Center for the Arts.

Those dang morels are still hiding from me.

Have a great day today!