Friday: drizzly days and an opportunity to help The Gorge.

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The Forecast


For this morning’s CoronaChat, we have a call for donations to the local organization making PPE for our healthcare workers. Thanks to Maui Meyer for his hard work in putting this together and for organizing all the local energy!

“It’s here! We are live, with HMB 50, an Oregon not for profit to procure and donate PPE to health and public safety workers in the Gorge and beyond.

HMB 50 stands for “Hand Made Brigade, 50”. 50 is the number of hours from when Dr. Laurel Berge, called me asking for help until the time we donned (and doffed, which apparently is a real word) the first Tyvek prototype. (which was prototype 5) It’s been a quick 5 days.

It is time to redeem your pledges! If you would like to donate, to our tax deductible organization online, please do so here: Use the pull down menu to designate that the donation is being made to the Hand Made Brigade 50. If you would like your donation to be directed towards a specific area of concern (Masks, Shields or Gowns) Please note that in the comment section.

If you would like to donate via check, to our tax deductible organization, please mail the check, made out to “The Next Door” and send it to 965 Tucker Road, Hood River Oregon, 97031, with HMB50 in the memo line.

If you DON’T CARE ABOUT THE DEDUCTION, Please send a check made out to HMB50 and Mail it to 1002 Oak Street, Hood River, Oregon 97031. If you would like to venmo me, It’s @Maui-Meyer.”  

Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

Mt. Hood Weather Forecast

All ski areas and Nordic areas are closed at this time. Meadows is done for the season, and Timberline keeps re-evaluating when/if they will be able to open – after all, they are basically open year-round. If you’re thinking of backcountry skiing, please consider the impact you’d have on busy emergency rooms if you get injured, and also think about the impact on Search and Rescue crews.

Now, if you happen to be driving over the passes, you’ll want to prepare for winter driving conditions. For Friday, there will be flurries all day with no real accumulation. The snow level will be 2000′ in the morning and will slowly rise to 3500′ overnight. Just a trace of snow falls. Wind: NW 10 early, WNW 10 in the afternoon, and SW 10 overnight.

Saturday brings another round of light snow. The snow level will be 3500′ early, 4500′ in the afternoon, and 3500′ overnight. About 0.1” water value (WV) falls during the day, for an inch of new. Another 0.15” falls overnight, for 1-1.5” of new. Wind: SW 10 early, SW 20-25 in the afternoon, and SW 10-15 overnight.

Sunday brings another round of light snow. The snow level will be 3500′ in the morning, 3000′ in the afternoon, and 2500′ overnight. About 0.1” WV falls during the day, for 1” of new. A trace falls overnight. Wind: SW 10-15 early, SW 20-30 in the afternoon, and SW 30-45 overnight. Heavier snow arrives for the 24 hour period known as Monday. AT that time, the snow level will be 2000-2500′. Travel over the passes will be impacted.  

Gorge Wind Forecast

First, a public service announcement. All Oregon and Washington State Parks are closed at this time. All Port of Hood River waterfront access is closed at this time. The Army Corps has closed Roosevelt Park and John Day Dam access. They have also closed boat ramps.

The wind forecast for Friday also includes showers in the west. Most places will see gusty 7-10 in the morning. East of Moiser, the wind will be gusty 13-16. In the afternoon, we’ll see the wind build to gusty 21-=24 east of The Dalles. Saturday starts with light westerlies. They slowly build to 10-13 through the whole Gorge in the afternoon. Sunday starts with light west wind. Afternoon westerlies pick up to 10-13 in the west and 20-23 from The Dalles to Threemile.

COAST, JONES, SAUVIE’S: Detailed forecast is on winter break.  

Hood River Weather Forecast

It’s a cloudy morning out there, and that won’t change today. We’ll see on-and-off sprinkles all day long in the western Gorge. Temps will be in the mid 40’s early and low 50’s later. Light to moderate westerlies. 99% chance of rainbows. Saturday looks on-and-off sprinkly with rain overnight. Temps will be near 40 early and in the mid 50’s later. Light west wind. 99% chance of rainbows. Sunday looks drizzly in the morning and sprinkly in the afternoon. Temps will be in the low 40s’ early and mid 50’s later. Moderate westerlies, 99% chance of rainbows.   Looking for a complete Columbia Gorge forecast? Looking for more humor in your weather? Obscenities? You’re looking for my TATAS: Temira’s Awesome Travel Advisory Service on Facebook.  


All trails and sno-parks in the Mt. Hood National Forest, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, and Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area are closed. While Post Canyon may be open as of this morning, you are not allowed to park at the bottom of Post or anywhere else in the trail system. My hope is that the rest of the local trails are closed soon, as they will draw increasing crowed and spread this virus. People, if you need to ride your bike, please do so on the road where social distancing is possible.  

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By Temira

Temira Lital is a recreation and travel weather forecaster based in Hood River, Oregon. She's also a mental health counselor. Temira bikes, skis, windsurfs, paddles a SUP, swims in mountain lakes, and has a giant garden. Most recently she's taken up SUP foiling. Temira is powered by La Croix, steak, and beets.