Friday: BROWNPOW, Balsam flowers, frost??

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 April 26, 2019

Good morning, neighbors! Gotta keep this quick and simple today or I”ll be late for a very busy day at work. In a nutshell, the weather looks delightfully springy. Not springy like mattress springs or pen springs or the springs on your car. Nope. Just full of wildflowers, mild temps, and a variety of cloud covers.

Nothing to worry about on Friday. Saturday morning: we had talked about the possibility of frost, but it looks like most will end up with low clouds (2000′ or so) Saturday morning. That’ll prevent frost in most places. Another help: arrival of the colder upper level air is delayed until mid-morning Saturday, protecting us from the worst of the chill that day. One fun thing to do Saturday: Big Winds in Hood River has free E-Bike demos (also free beer) from 10-4.

Saturday night looks clear. 850Mb temps will be-2C, a few degrees warmer than prior model runs, making widespread frost less likely. With clear sky and light wind early Sunday morning, the calm outlying areas subject to cold air drainage could see a light frost: Glenwood, BZ, Trout Lake, Mt. Hood, Parkdale. Mt. Defiance, topping out at 5000′, will also experience frost. That’ll do nothing to melt all that snow. Safe travels. -TATAS