Friday. 9/20. Gorge wind, Mt. Hood snow, events, and Gorge rain.

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 September 20, 2013

Thank you for using this forecast! Your donations keep this forecast going – nobody but you pays me to do this. So why is it here? This forecast started as a way for me to find better wind in the summer and better snow in the winter. Seemed silly to keep that information to myself, so it’s here for you too (almost) every day. Donate to keep it going! Make a $12 or larger donation by clicking on the sun and you’re on the email list for a year. No dealing with the twice-yearly pledge drive. Sometimes I even have prizes to give away from the email list sponsors. Thank you again for your support! Enjoy the snow and wind and sun!

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Random Morning Thoughts
Summer, you’ve been fun. See you again middle of next week!

Wind and weather forecast

Yesterday was amazing, wasn’t it? This morning will be lovely too, but high clouds should begin pushing in pretty soon. If you want the sun, get it now. If you want zero wind for your funtime, get it now. By noon, we’ll see 15-18 from Steven’s Locks to Hood River, and sometime after that, we’ll see a quick jump to gusty, up-and-down 26-30 from Hood River to … Maryhill? Arlington? But definitely at Doug’s and Rowena. Don’t wait for the big numbers before you drive, because it isn’t going to last all that long.

Tomorrow starts with widespread 15-18, picking up to 17-21 in the afternoon. You’ll want to head east of the low clouds for the strongest, steadiest wind. Sunday looks like a wintry wind picture – you’ll likely have to head to Arlington in the late afternoon to get some, as a big ol’ cold front slams into the western Gorge, burying it in rain.

Today’s Gorge Wind
Your favorite beach Dawn
Steven’s Locks light W 5-10 15-18 23-27
Hatch (subtract a few mph for Event Site) light 5-10 15-18 gusty
Doug’s / Rowena / Lyle light 5-10 15-18 gusty
Maryhill / Rufus / The Wall light 5-10 15-18 gusty
Arlington / Roosevelt light 5-10 15-18 gusty

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Mt. Hood snow and general Gorge weather

Our friends at NOAA are insisting the snow level will be 6000′ starting tomorrow. I think they’re being a bit optimistic (or pessimistic, depending on your point of view). I suspect we’ll see sticking snow around 8000′ tonight and tomorrow. On Sunday, the snow level will drop to 6500′, holding there (for most of the time, anyway), through Wednesday morning, after which the weather will turn dry, warm and sunny again. 8-12” at 6500′ between Sunday night and Wednesday morning seems reasonable to me.

That said, expect light showers after 5pm tonight. Tomorrow morning looks relatively dry, if chilly and cloudy, but more showers hit after 2pm, and continue overnight. Sunday morning looks dry, but another downpour hits after 2pm on Sunday. So there. Plan your weekend accordingly.

Stuff happening

In events this weekend, the Harvest Ride is tomorrow, benefiting the Hood River Valley Residents Committee. Seven Streams trail in Post Canyon reopens tomorrow morning. Also tomorrow, Lyle hosts the Homesteading Fair, where you can learn all sorts of do-it-yourself stuff. Then on Sunday, it’s the Gorge Kids Triathlon at the Waterfront Park in Hood River.

At Sandy Ridge Sunday, NWTA has a shuttle day – $10 for members and $30 for non-members. If you’ve never ridden Sandy, this is a great way to do it! They also have a ride at Lewis River tomorrow morning along with a Falls Creek shuttle tomorrow afternoon.

Also Sunday, the Ride with Love happens in Hood River, with routes of 14 or 28 miles, leaving from the west end of the Twin Tunnels trailhead. It’s a fundraiser for ALS – for more information, call or text 541-4niner0-11too6.

Have an awesome day today!